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15032 - Albion Victor VT23L/Metal Sections
Kowloon Motor Bus
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop
The model - this model was one of twelve plastic 1/160 scale Kowloon Motor Bus models unveiled at the Exihibition on the History of Hong Kong Buses in August 2009. These twelve models were released at the end of August 2009 and were labelled 'Volume 3'. 

The bus - KMB was the only customer for the Albion Victor VT23L and 100 examples were received during 1963/64. The 41-seat bodywork was delivered as ckd kits from Metal Sections. They featured two doorways, both of which were immediately behind each nearside wheelarch, and were initially fitted with tubular sliding gates operated by the conductor. These were later replaced by folding doors, as represented by this model.

The above information is extracted from Mike Davis's excellent book
Hong Kong Buses - Volume 2 -Kowloon Motor Bus

 Manufacturer of model  Cars Workshop
 Scale  1:150
 Prototype chassis  Albion Victor VT23L
 Prototype bodywork  Metal Sections
 Prototype length  9.14m
 Fleet number  ?
 Registration number  ?
 Route number  ?
 Destination  ?
 Quantity  Uncertificated
 Date released - Hong Kong only  late August 2009

Photograph courtesy KMB

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