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15004 - MCW Metrobus
Kowloon Motor Bus
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Model kindly supplied by 80M Bus Model Shop
The model - four unpainted 1/150 scale model buses were unveiled at the Exhibition of History of Hong Kong Buses, which was held in August 2007. The full range of 12 models were released on 25th November 2007. 

The bus - Following the evaluation of the three 12 metre Metrobuses in 1981, KMB decided to opt for the shorter 11 metre version and orders were placed for 254 such buses.  The first arrived in May 1986 and the last in February 1990. 

 Manufacturer of model  Cars Workshop
 Scale  1:150
 Prototype chassis  MCW Metrobus
 Prototype bodywork   -
 Prototype length  11 metre
 Fleet number  S3M125
 Registration number  ED2788
 Route number  12A
 Destination  Whampoa Gardens
 Quantity (total)  Unlimited
    Hong Kong 
United Kingdom
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
25th November 2007

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