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 B0039B - Dennis Dragon/Duple Metsec
Kowloon Motor Bus
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S3N294 (left) and S3N309 (right)
Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model
The model - two versions of this model were released in September 2012.

The bus - Kowloon Motor Bus introduced a total of 370 eleven metre non air conditioned Dennis Dragons between 1986 and 1994. A batch of fifty delivered in 1994, were designated as type 'F' and were fitted with all the necessary ducting for air-conditioning, but without the units themselves, with a view to these being retro-fitted. They are easily identified by their lack of a rear lower deck window.

 Manufacturer of model  P & T Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Dragon
 Prototype bodywork  Duple Metsec
 Prototype length  11 metre
Version A
Version B
 Fleet number 
 Registration number
 Route number
Kowloon Station
Shun Lee
 Date released
September 2012

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