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 amb001c-hk - Dennis Jubilant/Alexander
Kowloon Motor Bus
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The model - news of this model was announced on 22nd November 2008 and it was released in Hong Kong on 8th May 2009. 

The bus - after successful trials with the four prototype Dennis Jubilants (N1-4) Kowloon Motor Bus placed an order for 50 chassis, which were delivered in 1979/80. Orders for a further 310 chassis followed over the following years.

Of the first order, 49 were fitted with Alexander bus bodies, which had been built in Scotland. The remaining chassis received a similar body, built in Hong Kong, but was classified as a coach, having 2+2 coach seats (as opposed to 3+2 for the buses) and was also fitted with air-conditioning. It received no fleet number, being known only as CF4180 and entered service almost 4 months after the last bus in the batch (on 11th June 1980). With the curtailment of coach route 206, CF4180 became redundant and was withdrawn, pending removal of the air-conditioning and fitting of bus seats, after which it entered service again as N364 introduction. 

The above information has been extracted from Mike Davis's excellent book 'Hong Kong Buses - Kowloon Motor Bus'.

 Manufacturer of model  Auto Model Collection
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Jubilant
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander
 Prototype length  9.7m
 Fleet number  -
 Registration number  CF4180
 Route number  1A
 Destination  Kowloon Station (South Circular)
 Quantity  180
 Date released  8th May 2009

Please note all photographs are of pre-production models

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Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph

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