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 Relocation of Star Ferry Pier to  Central Piers Nos. 7 & 8
To tie in with the Central Reclamation Phase III Project, the four ferry services that operated from the Edinburgh Place Ferry Pier (Star Ferry Pier) were relocated to Central Piers Nos 7 and 8 with effect from 12 November 2006.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department website gives an overview of the project.

Whilst the new Central Piers Nos. 7 and 8 opened on time on the morning of Sunday 12th November, the new raised walkway linking the piers with the business district was not ready, and still had not opened when roving reporter Donald MacRae left three days later. Newspapers were agog with speculation about customer resistance to the longer walk to the Central district.

Activities were frenetic in the last few days, with numerous people photographing the old scene. There was also a peaceful protest and you will see from the photographs below pegged out banners and laminated pavement posters in this selection. I gather four extra departures were operated for special ticket holders and special queuing arrangements and security were in place. 

Report by Donald MacRae
 The 'Old' Star Ferry Pier Building
 by day
 ....and by night
In the foreground the old piers with the new Central Pier complex, with new Clock Tower clearly visible
The old Clock Tower
Capturing the old Piers....on canvas! 
Old, Old, New and New
In the foreground a sampan, then a Star Ferry, the New Central Piers and in the background new development on Kowloon

Above photographs courtesy and copyright of
Philip Chan

 Signs of the the peaceful protest
Old Central Piers from 'Day Star'
  The New Central Pier buildings 
 'Morning Star'
'World Star'

 Above photographs courtesy and copyright
of Donald MacRae

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