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Issue No. 53 of Bus Fan World's 'Bus Focus' is now available. This issue is made up of 38 pages, many in full colour.


The BSI Hobbies website confirms the impending publication of a KMB and Long Win Fleet Directory. Two covers are shown, but I am unable to translate the text as to why!!


My thanks to Mike Harvey for sending me photos of the resin China Motor Bus Ford (USA) 'School Bus' from Hong Kong Model Co. (8022A), which I had previously omitted to feature on the site. Whilst the their website gives this model a product code of 8020A, Mike advises the code on his reads 8022A. Can anyone else advise the product code on theirs? 


Watch out for the next 'Xtra' feature, to be added shortly, entitled 'A Shenzhen Selection', courtesy of Donald MacRae, a sample photograph being shown above.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Andrew Shirley

My thanks to Andrew Shirley for sending me the above photograph which features all three of the China Motor Bus models produced so far by Britbus for the Spanish partwork magazine. Andrew advises that the models are slightly different from the original releases, the MCW has printed wipers and none of the models have mirrors. Can anyone provide any further information on the magazines? 

The three models pictured above are (from left to right) Guy Arab Mk V Tree Trimmer registration number DE7930 (based on Ox Model X1003), Guy Arab Mk V Tow Truck registration number AD4562 (based on Ox Model X1001) and MCW-Scania BJ4859 (based on AsianBus AS1004). Further photographs will be added shortly.

30th November 2006

The 80M Bus Model Shop website, updated on 26 November, carries the promise 'You can expect a number of diecast single-deck buses to be released to the market in 2007'.

According to a reliable source, KMB's next model issue will feature their one and only Volgren bodied Volvo B9TL (AVD1/MF5119) serving on route 6C. 

The Hong Kong Model Co. website now has photographs of the three 'coming soon' models. They are 8132A, a 1961 Ford Thames Trader,  8168A, a 1976 Albion Viking EVK 55CL and 8174A, a 1975 Seddon Pennine 4.

28th November 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

My thanks, once again, to Donald MacRae for coming up with a photograph of the Albion Viking badge, captured in June 1982 on Northern Scottish NNV73, this showing it in full colour!

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

Whilst not directly related to model buses, the recent relocation of the Star Ferry Pier in Central to a new home, I am sure will interest those of us outside of Hong Kong, and thanks to Philip Chan and Donald MacRae, who have provided a selection of superb photographs capturing the event, I have just added a new page to the Xtra section of the site.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
'Maho Sensei Super Bus'

My thanks to 'Maho Sensei Super Bus' for providing the above photograph of a newly delivered Enviro 500 to San Diego, USA. 

26th November 2006

Following the publishing of the above Albion Viking badge on 13 November, from a visitor to the site trying to establish what vehicle it came from, my thanks to British Bus Publishing and
Donald MacRae for confirming that it is that featured on the Alexander bodied examples.
Click on image for larger photograph
SC Northern Fleet No. NNV57 (KRG457F) pictured when new at Alexanders
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
British Bus Publishing
25th November 2006

The 'Buses by Night' section has just been added to the Xtra section - well worth a look!! 
23rd November 2006

Hong Kong Tram No 102
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Donald MacRae

Above is a taster for the next Xtra page feature - 'Buses by Night', which has unfortunately been delayed until tomorrow.

22nd November 2006

As promised in yesterday's news, a special feature on KMB's last Metrobuses has just been added to the Xtra section of the site. My thanks to Donald MacRae for providing this excellent selection. The next will feature night shots and is expected to be added tomorrow. 
21st November 2006

KMB Metrobus S3M223
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Donald MacRae

I have received a superb selection of photographs from Donald MacRae following his recent trip to the Far East, and some of these will added to the Xtra pages of the site shortly. The above photograph is a taster for the first, which will feature KMB's 11-metre Metrobuses. 

Missed from the news item on 14th November on the Hong Kong Model Co. website is details of a second KMB Ford Thames Trader, this time being in 1962  style. One again no photograph is displayed, although a product no of 8132A has been allocated. 

20th November 2006

Two websites featuring former Hong Kong buses, now preserved in the UK, have now moved from their Freeserve hosted sites to new addresses within the Oriental Model Buses site. That for DM17, the ex-New World First Bus Dennis Condor, can now be found at www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/DM17/index.htm  whilst Dave Roger's site for ex-Citybus Olympians Nos 102 and 105, continues to be found at www/daves-ctb-olympians.co.uk. Take a look at each and make sure you add them to your Favourites! 
 18th November 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is this KMB Tilling-Stevens from Cars Workshop (39801). The model represents No. 4628 on route 1 between Star Ferry and Kowloon City. It is limited to 2,000 pieces and will retail for HK$288. 

14th November 2006

The Concorde Model Shop website features a new resin model, this being a KMB Albion Viking EVK55CL single deck bus with the unusual bodywork of Union Auto Body Builders, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Model Co. website gives details of a second KMB Seddon Pennine 4, but this time in 1980s style, but no photograph is displayed, although a product no of 8175A has been allocated. 


An unusual request, but quite appropriate whilst on the topic of Albion Viking's, is that from the owner of the above Albion Viking badge, who would like to know where it came from. Any ideas? - if so, please e-mail me

13th November 2006

Two appeals tonight -  the first is for photographs of the 80M Bus Model Shop/Best Choose CMB Leyland Fleetline LF106  (red/cream) with diorama featuring a Land Rover (803011). The second is solely an attempt to solve the mystery as to why so many 'hits' are being recorded on the 'News' pages for July 2003 and September 2003. Is anyone being directed to either of these two pages in error?
7th November 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

A second resin KMB Albion Chieftain from Hong kong Model Co has today been released in Hong Kong (8162A). This version features L197 (AD7214) on route 70 to Sheung Shui. Just follow the link for more details and photographs.

I am advised that sales in Hong Kong of both the diecast KMB Metrobus and resin Dennis Jubilant have been such that both models are now in short supply -  Jotus.com have confirmed they have a small stock of both for their overseas customers, so if you want one I suggest you order one quick!! 

6th November 2006

Today marks the site's 8th Anniversary

Officially released yesterday in Hong Kong was P&T (312 Model) KMB Dennis Jubilant N4 with KMB and BACO body (B0021). The product code is B0021 with only 400 produced. As previously mentioned, two different route nos/destination are featured. Further photos will be added later today.
 5th November 2006

Added tonight are further photographs of the Best Choose 1/120 scale Daimler Fleetlne (05052) from Best Choose together with further photographs of the Hong Kong Model Co. KMB Seddon Pennine 4 (8171A).
3rd November 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

A previously unannounced release is this 1/120 scale China Motor Bus Daimler Fleetline from Best Choose (05052) It features fleet no. LF9 (BG 205) o route no. 102 to Shau Ki Wan. Further photos and details will be added shortly.


Catching up on other news, Independent Transport Videos have recently released several new DVDs, on of which is aimed at the Far East enthusiast. Entitled 'Macau's Buses', this programme takes you on a tour of Taipa and Macau. Filmed in 2005, it also includes some of Malcolm King’s excellent cine footage shot in 1984. Full details can be found on the independent transport videos website.

New pages have tonight been added for the two recently issued KMB resin models, but a lack of time has prevented me from uploading all the photographs.

2nd November 2006
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