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I do hope you find this site both useful and
enjoyable and to help in both these respects, I would suggest you take a moment or two just to read through this section along with the Site navigation section immediately below.

Corgi and Exclusive First Editions (EFE), both UK based companies, issued their first Hong Kong liveried models in the mid 1990's, albeit the accuracy of their castings was a little dubious, both basically using existing castings of UK buses - their scales varied between 1/76 and 1/64.

In 1997 Corgi launched their new tri-axle Leyland/Volvo Olympian casting and the release of various colourful liveries soon followed, with a keen interest being shown by many model bus collectors both here in the UK and in Hong Kong, where many of the models were initially released, being commissioned by the Hong Kong bus operators themselves. It was in 1998 that I became interested in these models and the creation of this website followed later that year.

With the level of interest being shown by collectors, several new model bus manufacturers emerged in 1999, these being Hong Kong based companies with quantiries of many of their models being made available in the UK. The year 2000 saw seventy-four models released in Hong Kong, many in all-over advertising liveries, as standard liveried models were not always licensed by the bus operator. The  market settled down and by 2004, both Corgi and EFE had withdrawn from the Hong Kong market, leaving just the Hong Kong based companies. During 2008, only seventeen models were released. By 2013, the number of new releases had increased to seventy-one and during 2016, no less that one-hundred and fifty-two models were released! This trend has continued with 2019 seeing the same number of releases as 2016.

Back to the website, and in particular to the main section of the site, Diecast Models - each model released is generally included in three main listings as detailed below. Each listing basically contains the same information, but in a different order: -  
Model Manufacturerthese pages list each model produced by the model number allocated by the manufacturer - where the bus operator allocates it's own model number, this in shown in brackets below the manufacturer's number
Bus Operatorthese pages list each model in date released order - where the bus operator has allocated it's own number, this is shown first with the manufacturer's model number being shown in brackets below
Vehicle Typethese pages list the various variants of each vehicle type and is generally in date released order
Approximately two-hundred models were generally available in the UK in the early years, out of a total of almost one-thousand five-hundred models issued to-date (August 2020). Any quantities available in the UK are indicated in these listings in brackets along with the release dates, also in brackets, where known.

The Notes section at the foot of each page, where applicable, provides general information.

Site navigation

This site comprises of various sections, all of which are fairly obvious by their title, links to which appear at the top and bottom of every page:-
[diecast models] - [home] - [information] - [links] - [news] - [plastic models] - [resin models] - [trams] - [xtra]

[diecast models] - covers all diecast model buses and service vehicles - many of the earlier models were issued in the UK as well as Hong Kong, but more recently, the models are only issued in Hong Kong - the background colour of these pages is cream

[home] - the 'front' page of the site which features both a 'Search the Site' and 'Site Map' facility

[information] - a guide to the site and its various sections, an explanation on how to navigate the site, it's background, acknowledgments and contributions and the legal bit

[links] - simple enough, a page of links to other related websites and photo galleries

[news] - will take you to the current month's News - a separate News page exists for each month - also features both a 'Search the Site' and 'Site Map' facility

[plastic models] - covers all plastic model buses - the background colour of these pages is pink

[resin models] - covers all resin model buses and service vehicles, most of which are only issued in Hong Kong - the background colour of these pages is pale green

[trams] - covers all model trams - the background colour of these pages is pale blue

[xtra] - covers topical items on the real bus scene plus a look at other models, books and souvenirs

As mentioned above, clicking on the [news] link at the top or bottom of a page will take you to the current month's News. To access the previous month's News, click the left facing spinning arrow. To access the next month's News, click the right facing spinning arrow.

Also mentioned above, the [diecast models], [plastic models], [resin models] and [trams] pages use different colour page backgrounds and are divided into several categories, listing by Operator, Vehicle type, etc. Once you have reached the required Model page, clicking the left spinning arrow will take you to the previous model in the same vehicle type, clicking the right spinning arrow will take you to the next model of the same vehicle type, or the next vehicle type.

To recap.........

A click of a left facing spinning arrow will take you to either:-

the previous model of the same vehicle type or that vehicle's summary page
the previous book
the previous month's News

A click of a right facing spinning arrow will take you to either:-

the next model of the same vehicle type or the summary page of the next vehicle type
the next book
the next month's News
Clicking on the   button will always take you to the top of that particular page.


I would like to thank the following for their kind co-operation in providing news, reviews, photographs and information :-

ABC Models, Bus Fan World, Philip Chan, Citybus, the late Don Craggs, Stuart Dobie, Mr Kwok of 80M Bus Model Shop, Gakei, Edward Hong, Jacky Ho, Gareth Jones, Joe Kwong of Jotus.com, Grant Ng Kwok Kuen, Jacky Lau, Dennis Law, Lee Tin Yau, Bobby Liu, Donald MacRae, New World First Bus, Ray Ng, the late Peter Owens, Andrew Shirley, Terry Stapley, Chelton Tsze, Alan Wong and Keith Wood.

Visitor's own Model Reviews are always most welcome, as is any other information or photographs of the models or the prototype vehicles.


Site background

This site is designed using basic HTML, the aim being to keep it simple, thus enabling pages to be loaded quickly.  It is best viewed at 1024 x 768, true colour or above. With IE4 or above, ensure that your text size on the 'View' menu bar is set to medium.

The site went live on 5th November 1998, the counter being added on 28th December 1998.

In October 2006, owing to mounting problems with my Internet Service Provider, Orange, I purchased webspace from a web hosting company and the site was moved to www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk.

The site celebrated it's 10th anniversary in November 2008 - on 31st March 2017 the site closed for six months for personal reasons, but it was re-launched in early October that same year - the site celebrated it's 20th anniversary in November 2018.

The site was created and is maintained solely by me in my spare time, and is NOT my full time occupation!!   I do not sell models, and it is not run for financial gain, but as an aid to fellow collectors in providing the latest news, information and photographs.


Site statistics

418 hits were recorded for the month of January 1999 - the 100,000th hit was recorded on 28th August 2000, with August 2000 also being the first month since the site was set up to receive in excess of 10,000 hits. The 200,000th hit was received on 24 June 2001.

June 2013 saw the highest number of visits for the 'Home' page at 28,084.
June 2013 saw the highest number of visits for the 'News' page at 42,861. 
3rd November 2010 saw the highest number of visits in a day for the 'News' page at 2,746.

Comprehensive statistics can be viewed by clicking on the eXTReMe Tracker icon at the foot of the 'Home' or 'News' pages. The tables below give an overview for both.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2017 31,680 25,709 23,246 6,000 the site was off-line during this period 7,644 11,585 15,033 120,897
2016 32,537 30,404 32,499 28,789 27,992 29,222 30.202 30,671 29,139 25,758 25,505 30,408 353,126
2015 32,450 31,651 34,224 33,079 35,627 32,510 36,022 33,327 30,704 33,839 30,075 33,665 397,173
2014 39,179 31,769 36,999 32,238 35,984 38,014 35,034 31,469 32,504 34,348 23,450 32,027 403,010
2013 36,670 30,629 35,419 34,091 42,222 42,861 39,813 33,103 35,127 33,762 36,659 39,885 440,212
2012 32,453 26,220 30,827 28,981 39,300 36,897 34,781 30,082 29,990 30,157 29,938 32,205 381,831
2011 30,390 26,472 30,550 27,012 33,085 29,141 31,143 29,198 30,183 29,410 22,608 30,767 349,959
2010 27,932 26,791 27,282 23,306 27,236 26,902 29,725 25,085 26,905 25,817 27,720 26,177 320,878
2009 24,565 17,651 23,886 24,442 27,314 28,339 28,766 27,182 23,284 25,027 22,066 25,457 297,979
2008 20,559 17,412 18,720 18,067 17,733 19,595 19,365 17,620 20,722 22,560 23,034 22,789 238,176
2007 17,337 16,663 16,661 14,587 17,119 21,085 20,087 21,081 18,144 20,147 17,730 18,660 219,301
2006 27,359 22,322 24,299 26,166 25,147 23,404 21,984 22,295 24,140 25,056 19,459 17,681 279,312
2005 14,802 12,712 13,416 13,910 14,712 14,777 16,523 19,007 17,802 20,257 25,203 23,106 206,227
2004 15,621 12,046 14,212 14,384 14,733 11,953 12,608 15,842 13,419 12,483 13,657 14,984 165,942
2003 15,705 10,326 12,912 10,542 11,452 14,045 14,876 13,995 13,425 12,114 13,826 14,359 157,577
2002 11,167 8,460 6,991 7,781 9,384 9,260 11,256 10,753 11,444 13,720 11,767 11,771 123,754
2001 - - - - - - - - - - - 11,428 11,428

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2017 18,997 15,154 14,694 9,411 the site was off-line during this period 1,152 6,201 7,341 8,910 81.860
2016 18,937 17,578 19,020 17,911 16,967 17,590 17,064 18,196 16,858 15,782 15,522 18,004 209,429
2015 20,239 20,192 21,209 20,396 21,383 19,648 21,162 19,906 19,088 19,199 18,406 19,664 240,492
2014 25,554 21,891 24,644 21,619 23,483 23,734 22,411 21,238 21,475 22,215 16,361 20,067 264,692
2013 24,326 20,533 23,575 23,647 27,111 28,084 27,150 23,993 23,996 23,700 25205 25,683 297,003
2012 21,805 19,366 22,104 20,389 24,702 24,812 23,531 21,616 21,578 20,871 20,920 23,287 264,981
2011 21,797 20,126 22,048 21,076 21,954 21,038 21,520 21,177 20,745 20,506 17,468 20,270 249,725
2010 20,367 19,478 20,850 18,588 19,845 20,899 20,850 19,840 19,385 19,307 18,568 20,303 238,280
2009 19,052 15,531 18,599 18,459 19,819 20,805 21,581 21,220 18,459 19,027 17,515 19,666 229,732
2008 16,962 14,998 15,619 15,385 15,096 15,487 15,380 14,314 15,413 16,777 16,942 18,155 190,528
2007 14,802 14,002 15,006 13,456 13,714 14,918 16,085 16,291 15,225 15,959 15,507 16,737 181,702
2006 18,492 16,027 17,333 17,992 17,250 16,636 16,489 16,416 14,958 16,481 16,565 15,182 199,821
2005 14,817 13,313 13,560 13,167 14,082 13,067 14,816 15,455 15,208 16,105 17,880 17,123 178,593
2004 14,094 12,200 13,124 13,687 13,688 12,298 13,418 14,823 14,155 14,258 14,620 13,823 164,188
2003 13,612 11,212 12,432 11,776 12,569 12,741 13,781 13,091 12,960 11,962 12,346 13,324 151,806
2002 11,315 9,900 10,147 9,587 11,057 11,485 12,189 11,258 11,425 13,019 12,077 11,932 135,391
2001 9,301 8,573 9,828 10,203 10,059 9,835 11,000 10,174 8,542 9,704 10,069 10,956 118,244
2000 - - - - 3,225 6,942 8,373 10,370 9,530 9,969 10,182 9,246 78,004
Contributions to the Site

I welcome any news, information and photographs relating to the contents of the site. Generally, the maximum size photograph I use on the site is 1600 x 1200, with a file size of about 400kb. The copyright of all photographs submitted should rest with the sender and they should not be taken or copied from any other source. Photographs will be acknowledged and if requested, a copyright watermark applied.

Buying models

The availability of models can depend on who commissions the model, who produces it and obviously how many are made. Corgi really started the interest in Hong Kong buses when it issued it's three-axle Leyland Olympians in 1997 for the various Hong Kong Bus operators, to celebrate the Handover of Hong Kong to China. Many of these were produced in large numbers, generally over 10,000, and whilst being initially difficult to get hold of here in the UK, the operators had agreements with Corgi which has seen most of stocks of unsold models being returned to Corgi, and appearing at considerably reduced prices several years, or sometimes months, later. Collector's Model releases were generally available at 'normal' prices both in Hong Kong and here in the UK. EFE has issued a handful of Hong Kong models, most of which had been released previously in Hong Kong by other manufacturers, MBE, Drumwell, etc. The number of model manufacturers has decreased over the years and now the majority of KMB models are either issued by Cars Workshop, Drumwell or 80M Bus Model Shop. The other bus operators have greatly reduced the number of models released. Resin models have become more popular over recent years. Models issued in Hong Kong for say HK$290, are imported into the UK by model specialists, and are then sold for premium prices (35-40), which covers their carriage, import and VAT duties.

There are several bus model specialists based in Hong Kong - the following three following all have English websites:-

Jotus Model Depot who specialise in mail order, accepting credit cards through a secure site

80m Bus Model Shop  who have several shops in Hong Kong, all of which are well worth a visit. Also offer a mail order service.

Network Shuttle who have two shops and again specialise in mail order, accepting PayPal or major credit cards through a secure site

In addition, there is

MSD Bus, Shop 62/63, Apple Mall, 14 Kings Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong Island(opposite Exit A1 of Tin Hau MTR Station)

Concorde Hobby Shop who have a shop in Hong Kong, at 331, Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon.

All the above regularly provide this site with news and photographs of new models. Should you decide to use any of them, please mention this site.

If you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining a particular model, please e-mail me, and I will try and help you find it.


I have attempted to seek the appropriate permissions to use the various photographs on the site, however, if your photograph appears, for which I have not sought your permission for its use, please e-mail me and it will be removed immediately.

All the information included on this site is provided in good faith and I cannot therefore accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.

All photographs are copyright of Oriental Model Buses unless acknowledged to another source. You are NOT welcome to use any material or photographs without prior written permission from the owner.

As a matter of policy, I do not allow the use of any of my photographs for use on auction sites such as eBay.

The following are some of eBay's copyright guidelines:-

eBay Guideline: Contrary to popular belief, the fact that material is posted on the world wide web does not mean it is in the "public domain" or otherwise free to be taken, copied or used by others. Creators of web content probably have copyright, trademark and other rights in the material they create. Copying, modifying and possibly linking to content created by others could expose you to legal liability.

eBay Guideline: No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your auction listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners.

eBay Guideline: No Unauthorised Linking to Photos! You cannot link to somebody else's picture (so it appears in your auction) without the owner's permission.

Living in the UK and buying from Hong Kong

The Border Force examine postal packages arriving in the UK from outside the European Union (EU) for prohibited or restricted goods and to confirm the description and value stated on the declaration is correct.

The Border Force also check the customs declaration to determine if Customs Duty, Excise Duty and import VAT is chargeable. The Border Force will sometimes need to examine the contents of a package particularly when the sender has not completed the declaration correctly. In such case the opening, repacking and resealing of the package is carried out, under Border Force instruction, by Royal Mail staff.

Most goods arriving in the UK from outside the EU are liable to any or all these charges: Customs Duty, Excise Duty (alcohol, tobacco etc.) and VAT. These must be paid whether:

-  you purchase the goods or receive them as a gift
-  the goods are new or used
-  the goods are for your own private use or for sale
EU agreements allow relief from charges on certain imported goods if they:
-  have an intrinsic value of 15 or less, although this particular relief does not include alcohol, tobacco, etc.
-  are gifts worth 39 or less

Goods value Customs charges applicable
0.01p - 15.00 No customs duty
No import VAT
15.01p - 135.00 No customs duty
Import VAT due
135.01 and greater Customs duty due, but waived if the amount calculated is less than 9.00
Import VAT due

The Royal Mail may also charge a handling fee in addition to the above charges, all of which are collected by the Royal Mail.

For full details visit 'Notice 143: A guide for international post users' which can be found on the HM Revenue and Customs website.


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