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Now released in Hong Kong is this Tiny 1/110 scale BACo bodied Leyland Fleetline carrying an all-over Hong Kong government advertising campaign decals 'Health is important, Don't take drugs'. It features D1000 (BT6974) on route 37 to Kwai Shing (KMB2018158). It is only available to Tiny VIP Members.

Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Bobby Liu

The two Citybus 40th anniversary liveried Enviro500s were noted in service today, thanks to Bobby Liu. Both images are 'clickable'.
13th October 2019

Wrightbus Update

The BBC today reports that a deal has been reached in principle for the sale of Wrightbus. Bidder Jo Bamford said agreement had been reached with "the Wright family for the Wrightbus factory and land". "We are still to conclude a deal with the administrators but are pleased to report this important step in the right direction," he said.
He thanked DUP MP Ian Paisley for "his hard work and diligence in helping to mediate what has at times been a tricky negotiation".

On Thursday, the owner of the Wrightbus factory, 
Jeff Wright, said he had not been able to reach a deal to sell the company to a new owner.

The sticking point had been farmland he did not consider part of the factory site, h
owever, a statement from Jeff Wright on Friday confirmed that the farmland will now be gifted to the local council as "a tribute" to his father, Sir William Wright.
11th October 2019

Model 1/Network Shuttle has announced it is to release a Park Island liveried MAN A22. It features KZ1269 (63242).
10th October 2019


This Tiny 1/110 scale Wrights bodied Volvo B9TL has just been released - it carries all over Doraemon advertising and is on route 22 with a destination of 'The 22nd Century'. The registration reads DORA2112 (DORA013).
9th October 2019

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle

Network Shuttle are now accepting pre-orders for the two Citybus 40th anniversary models depicted above. 

Both represent 12.8-metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500s - fleet no. 6493 (VB9800), in the pale yellow livery, is on route 1 to Happy Valley (Upper) (63353/CM161) whilst fleet no. 6495 (VD980), in the canary yellow livery, is on route 182 to Shatin (63354/CM162). Each  is limited to 1,388 pieces each.
8th October 2019

Click on image for larger photograph

Alexander Dennis published the following statement today.

Hong Kong’s largest bus operator, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB), has placed a firm order for 180 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 three-axle double deckers. All of the new buses are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2020.

KMB’s order includes 76 short-wheelbase Enviro500 with a length of 11.3 metres as well as 104 longer vehicles that will be 12.8 metres long. Offering 80 and 98 seats respectively, they will be among the first buses for Hong Kong to be fitted with three-point belts at all seats. Solar panels on the roof will support the energy requirements of the powerful air conditioning system as well as other auxiliary loads.

This new order continues a long-standing relationship between Alexander Dennis and KMB, who have now ordered over 2,200 Enviro500 buses from Alexander Dennis since the current generation model was launched in 2012.

Paul Davies, Managing Director Asia Pacific for Alexander Dennis, comments: “We are delighted that to deliver its world class passenger service, KMB continues to place its confidence in Alexander Dennis vehicles and support with this latest order for 180 double deck buses. Designed and built with our unrivalled expertise in double deck buses, our Enviro500 will excel in challenging topography and climate on some of the most arduous duty cycles in the world.”

Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Network Shuttle is to open a new store in the Amoy Plaza, Kowloon Bay shortly, as the advertising on Citybus 6310 and New World First Bus 5817 display.

My thanks to regular Tiny contributor Steve Walsh for confirming that the 1/110 scale Long Win Bus Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Trident, released through 7-Eleven stores on Tuesday, is on route E34A with a destination of Airport (KMB2019059).
Click on image for larger photograph
On the subject of Tiny models, the company has announced a 1/64 scale China Motor Bus Daimler Fleetline 'DMS' with Red A all-over advertising. Featured is XF119 (CW2863) on route 5B to Causeway Bay (ATC64806). It is expected to be released early in the New Year.
All the above images are clickable
4th October 2019


Released in Hong Kong today is this Tiny 1/110 scale Kowloon Motor Bus MAN A95 AMNF13 (UL3781) on route 258D to Lam Tin Station (KMB2019001).
I believe the Tiny 1/110 scale Long Win Bus Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Trident was available from 7-Eleven stores yesterday - confirmation and or photographs would be welcome.
3rd October 2019


The fifth release from Collector's Model was issued 20 years ago today (V106A)
1st October 2019
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