Tiny 1/110 scale model buses
Tiny is owned by Toyeast Ltd, a leading distributor of scale models in Hong Kong. The first 'matchbox' style models were issued in 2016 and these included cars, vans, trams and ferries. Most buses are to 1/110 scale but the company has also released some buses, public light buses, service vehicles and bus depots at 1/76 scale along. In addition, several 1/43 scale buses have also been issued. Details of these larger scale models can be found on my Oriental Model Buses website and to return the main site, just click on any of the OMB logos at the top of each page.

The company used 'box' numbers or their own product numbers. When models sold out, a similar vehicle type was re-released, using a different vehicle and route number, although retaining the same 'box' number, albeit in most cases, the product number does differ. In such cases I have indicated the first release with an (a), the second with a (b), etc., etc..  All releases of the same 'box' number are grouped together using the same background colour. Subsequently, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) models were issued with KMB product codes and latterly KMB's own 'box' numbers.

Initially I listed all these models on one page, however, to simplify the updating process, separate pages have now been created for the different types and and links to these pages are shown under each page heading.

Masterpiece Collectibles have also issued a number of 1/110 scale models, these mainly being of Singapore bus types, and details of these can be found here.

These lists have been compiled with the help of visitor's contributions, Tiny's Facebook page and Tiny's website and is provided in good faith.  If you find any errors or omissions, please contact me.  My special thanks to Tsz Hin Ho, Nicholas Lam, Steve Walsh, Hin Wong, Leo Kwok, Jens-Peter Paschke and M.W. Yung for their help in providing photographs and information. Please note that I have only included oriental models.
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