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Released ten years ago today was this Kowloon Motor Bus 'baby' Dragon - how time flies! (92502)

Kowloon Motor Bus has invited tenders for the supply of up to 43 units of Completely Built Up (CBU) Electric Air-conditioned Double Deck Bus with carrying capacity of not less than 115 passengers for franchised operations in Hong Kong. 
7th May 2021

My thanks to Tsz Hin Ho and Steve Walsh for advising that the above Tiny 1/110 scale Citybus Enviro500, first announced back in September last year, has been released in Hong Kong today (Box L15/ ATC64821). It features
 8205 (RL3936) on route E23 with a destination of Tsz Wan Shan South (Box L15 - ATC64821).
Steve has also provided an update on several releases that I missed, along with filling in a few gaps in the Tiny Index page.
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Continuing with Tiny news, now available for pre-order is this Kowloon Motor Bus 11.3 metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500, featuring E6M13 (WU4445) on route 45 with a destination of Lai Yui (Box 141/KMB2021053).
6th May 2021

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Long Win Bus has finally registered the first five of its 12.8 metre ADL 'facelift' Enviro500, these being numbered in the series UE6X. Captured this evening operating route A31 is UE6X1 (XH3226).
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Meanwhile, UE6X4 (XH3105) was noted operating on route A33X.
5th May 2021

I am grateful to DKWC for providing photographs of the certificates for two of Buses Model Co. releases that were each limited to just thirty pieces.
That on the left is the St John's Ambulance liveried Kowloon Motor Bus Leyland Olympian S3BL428, which was offered as a prize in the company's competition back in 2005, whilst on the right is the certificate for China Motor Bus Leyland Olympian LM5 which, it is believed, was to be the prize for the same competition, but which was subsequently released in August 2009.

Dream Bus Model

Dream Bus Model (DBM) has today announced, on social media, that it has closed. DBM specialised in 'one-off' models, generally at the request of its customers. Notable models are those shown below, which appeared on my site back in 2012.

Dream Bus Model
Another, and perhaps my favourite, is the Citybus Dennis Dragon trolleybus, commissioned by Doug Stirling-Stewart back in 2013. It is shown on the right in the photograph below, alongside the release by 80M Bus Model Shop. Full details of this model can be found in the Xtra section of the site, just follow the link.
Doug Stirling-Stewart
4th May 2021

Concorde Hobby Shop

Following the receipt of further information on resin models, I have today added details of a model not previously listed. This relates to a P&T Model Kowloon Motor Bus liveried Duple Metsec Dennis Dragon, believed to have been commissioned by Concorde Hobby Shop, and released in either December 2011 or January 2012. No product code is known and I have therefore used the fleet number, which is 3N115
I have also updated the page for P&T Model B0033, which features three different KMB liveried Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragons. 

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Tiny has announced the imminent release of this 1/110 scale Kowloon Motor Bus BACo bodied Leyland Fleetline which features D1061 (BW3490) on route 3 with a destination of Diamond Hill MTR Station (KMB2020132).

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Philip Chan

On 26th April I reported on the four new cross-harbour tunnel routes launched by Citybus and New World First Bus. That same day, Kowloon Motor Bus launched route 900, described as Cross Harbour Shuttle, which operates between Science Park and Wan Chai. Wrights Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B8L V6B185 (XG591) was noted operating the route earlier today. The route branding is similar to that for route 100, which commenced on 1st December 1995. My thanks to Gakei.com for allowing me to share his photograph.

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With some free time this afternoon (I'm sure the wind would have blown me over if I had ventured out!), I removed a few 'latest red' KMB models from the cabinet for a photo shoot! 
3rd May 2021

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Terence Tong
Presumably a of shortage of buses saw New World First Bus route 9 to Shek O being operated by Citybus ADL Enviro400 7014 earlier today.
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Philip Chan

Meanwhile, a fully laden Citybus 9149 returning to Central from Stanley today.

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Puch Thom

Two further shots of the Singapore three-door ADL 'facelift' Enviro500 spotted in Hong Kong yesterday.
1st May 2021
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