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Beijing Jinghua BK6122EV
Beijing Bus Group
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Network Shuttle
The model - This 1/64th scale diecast model is one of several issued in July and August 2008, coinciding with the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. Most carry advertising for the Games official sponsors. This version carries Manulife-Sinochem advertising.

The bus - During the Games, battery-powered tourist vehicles will be around to fulfill the transportation needs of media representatives and Olympic fans from around the world who wish to visit Olympic highlights in or around the heart of the Games in Beijing.

The Beijing Institute of Technology initiated the design and research for the Olympic electric-powered vehicles, which comfortably seat 50 in their roomy interiors.

Advanced lithium manganese batteries are used to run these vehicles. Each charge of the environmentally-friendly power source (they have a longer life span and higher energy efficiency, compared to traditional lithium ion batteries) can allow the vehicle to travel 130 kilometres, while the air conditioner is on. They are noiseless and boast zero emissions.

The batteries are easily replaced and quickly charged; during the Games, each bus is scheduled to undergo battery changes two to three times a day, fulfilling the needs of the 24-hour transportation network that will be provided in the heart of the Olympic district.

The buses can travel at speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour, going 0 to 50 in 24 seconds.

These Olympic vehicles will be monitored via a wireless network by experts, so that if any emergencies occur, the appropriate authorities can be notified in a timely fashion.

Beijing Jinghua Coach Co., Ltd. is responsible for manufacturing the buses.

 Manufacturer of model  ????
 Scale  1/64
 Prototype chassis  Beijing Jinghua BK6122EV
 Prototype bodywork  -
 Prototype length  ? metre
 Fleet number  ?
 Registration number  ?
 Route number  ?
 Destination  ?
 Quantity  1,000
 Date released - China  July 2008

Photograph of one of the actual vehicles
Courtesy of the Beijing 2008 website

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