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MCW-70102 - MCW Metrobus
China Motor Bus
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Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
The model - The second 1/50th scale Hong Kong model from Collector's Model is another CMB MCW Metrobus, released on 11th July 2001.

It represents one of the MC (Metrobus Coach) class, but unlike 70101, it carries no fleet number or registration plate. The blinds carry simply 'CMB'. The CMB logo is applied to the scuttle panel under the windscreen and on the engine cover. There are no China Motor Bus fleet names. The upper deck front and rear windows have a different vent pattern whilst the nearside windscreen has no vent at all. The cream line on lower deck has no black outline. There is a black panel below the grille (down behind the bumper) carried across the entry step and the 'REVERSING' script is missing from the inset on the rear alongside the route number box.

It is described as being "CMB Hand Over Ceremony."

I am grateful to Denis Chick for providing me with the above information.

The bus

 Manufacturer of model  Collector's Model
 Scale  1:50
 Prototype chassis  MCW Metrobus Mk1
 Prototype bodywork  -
 Prototype number  9.7 metres
 Fleet number  -
 Registration number  -
 Route number  CMB
 Destination  -
 Quantity (total)  400
  Hong Kong 
United Kingdom
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
10th July 2001
August 2001

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