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42707b - Volvo B10M/Van Hool Alizeť
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The model - this model appeared in Corgi's 'The Original Omnibus Company' July - December 1997 catalogue.The long overdue release of this model took place in July 1998. The casting is that used by Corgi on other UK liveried versions of this model, with the exception that an air-conditioned pod is fitted. There are two versions of this model. This model was released for the UK market and does not carry any Chinese number plates, as does the Hong Kong release.

The bus - at the time these coaches were unique in being the only Van Hool coaches imported into Hong Kong. They were purchased as part of the on-going Citybus programme to improve quality of services operated and also for developing new markets.

There were 10 of these coaches in the fleet and they operated on a variety of work, including residential services and private hires. Two of them were also used on express services between Hong Kong and mainland China. The first batch of five were delivered in September 1990, with the second batch of five, which included 1275, was delivered early in 1992. They have since been withdrawn from service and in 2004 1275 was shipped to the UK and acquired by Galleon Travel, Hunsdon and registered J578CEV/PSU316.

 Manufacturer of model   Corgi
 Prototype chassis  Volvo B10M
 Prototype bodywork  Van Hool Alizeť
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  1275
 Registration number  FC 8623
 Route number  -
 Destination  -
 Quantity  4,328*
 Date released - UK  June 1998

* The certificate with the model states 7,500 - the above are actual figures provided by Citybus.

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Photograph courtesy of Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club

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