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Shek O - updated December 2013
Following the release in March 2005 of the Best Choose China Motor (CMB) Bus Guy Arab MkV (02046S) with the diorama of Shek O bus terminus, regular contributor Donald MacRae kindly sent me a couple of photos he took at the terminus in October 1995. These show China Motor Bus Leyland Victory Mk2 LV138 leaving the terminus and heading back to Shau Kei Wan on Route 9.

Having visited Shek O myself in November 2002, it prompted me to look out the photos l took. The Victory's of CMB had gone, as had the company itself!  Plenty of low floor buses of New World First Bus were in evidence, these being short (10.3 metre) Dennis Tridents with a low-height Duple Metsec body, some of which were a only a few months old when photographed.

Photograph of the diorama - courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

China Motor Bus Leyland Victory Mk 2 LV 138
October 1995
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Donald MacRae

New World First Bus Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Tridents 3319 (left) and 3348/3347 (right)
November 2002

If you have a photograph of a different bus at Shek O, or the terminus building itself, and are happy to share it with others, please e-mail me.
Following the above appeal, Winston Lau ands Dave Rogers were both very quick off the mark, sending me
the above photographs which capture the terminus building extremely well. 
Winston's photo (left) shows CMB Leyland Victory LV131 just arriving whilst Dave's, taken in March 2002, shows NWFB Trident 3321. 
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Winston Lau and Dave Rogers

I am extremely grateful to Eric for kindly providing these excellent shots of Shek O.

A further visit on 25th November 2009 saw me arrive on Trident 3340 and leave on 3331.
Clear blue skies were evident and the beach idyllic!
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph

My thanks to David Howlett, not only for sending me this photograph taken on 12th November 2013, but also
for advising that the terminus had received a higher historical status.
Click on image for larger photograph
The following is the article that appeared in the South China Morning post on 11th September 2013

A 58-year-old bus terminus that was in a Hollywood movie scene will get a higher historical status, government heritage advisers have decided.

The terminus, which was featured in Steven Soderbergh's 2011 film Contagion starring Matt Damon and Jude Law, was built in Shek O in 1955 by the now-defunct China Motor Bus, which operated routes on Hong Kong Island. It was used as a watchman's quarters and garage.

The two-storey privately owned building was one of the few non-residential architectural examples still standing in the Southern District, the Antiquities Advisory Board noted at its meeting yesterday.

A lower grade-three status had been initially proposed, but many on the 23-member board, as well as Shek O residents, believed it merited a higher rating.

"The building was constructed in a very unique cantilevered style. The assessment panel has decided to upgrade it from grade three to grade two," board chairman Andrew Lam Siu-lo said as he announced the majority decision.

"The grading reflects the special merits of higher architectural and heritage value."

The terminus, which sits on government land, is known for its large cantilevered balcony, mono-pitched flat roof and art-deco lettering on the fascia.

The board concluded the building was designed in a unique Bauhaus style of architecture, which promotes clean, modern lines and functionality.

A changing room previously occupied the upper floor, with an office on the lower floor. Drivers of CMB, which once held a monopoly on Hong Kong Island bus routes, used the building as a rest area after long trips into Shek O.

He said the board endorsed the conversion of old buildings for new uses as long as mitigation measures were put in place to safeguard architectural, design and heritage values

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