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Oriental Buses in the UK ...
Citybus Olympian No 345
This page follows the career of Citybus Leyland Olympian No. 345, which was subsequently shippedto the UK, where it saw service with a number of operators.
345 was one of a batch of fifty-four 12-metre Leyland Olympian ON3R56C18Z5 delivered to Citybus in readiness for the commencement of it's 'Network 26' operations, these being the routes acquired from China Motor Bus on 1st September 1993. It was first registered FR2618 on 6th July 1993. It is assumed that it carried 'Network 26' branding, although I have been unable to trace a photo to confirm.
Below are several photographs showing the different liveries applied whilst in Hong Kong. If you can provide dates for any of these photos, or indeed provide any additional photographs, please e-mail me
345 in Hong Kong
 Philip Chan
Network Shuttle
Network Shuttle
Dennis Law
Ready for shipping to the UK
on 14th January 2006
(added 15th October 2007)
Wilson Pang
Wilson Pang
 Wilson Pang
345 in the UK
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The above photographs show 345 about to be collected from Ensignbus having had it's centre doors removed.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of James Prince - 16th November 2006.
Shamrock Buses of Poole, Dorset took delivery of 345 from Ensignbus in December 2006 but owing to
technical problems it never entered service, remaining garaged and rather difficult to
photograph. It was registered K134 KNO.
14th December 2006
345 was subsequently acquired by Roadliner Passenger Transport, also based in Poole, who were keen to add a further high capacity vehicle to their fleet and when aware of the presence of this bus so close to home, negotiated it's purchase from Ensign. It is seen here still in Shamrock Buses colours, minus fleetnames, and with the Roadliner name in the destination screen and, of course, a Roadliner
personalised registration. 
 1st March 2007
Work demands meant a delay in a repaint into Roadliner colours, however this was finally achieved in early September
7th September 2007
Fleetnames were applied a week later and this shot,  and those below, show the finishing
touches that have been applied!
14th September 2007
345 was sold by Roadliner in 2009 to Plaza Travel of Birmingham and soon after, Roadliner 
went into administration.
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Dave Rogers 

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