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Oriental Buses in the UK ...
Showbus 2005
A selection of photos taken at Showbus most of which have a Hong Kong link.
This photo of a Bristol MW is the exception, but there are several reasons why I have included it, namely:-
             Hants and Dorset was my local operator
             it is owned by Denis Chick, a regular visitor to my site 
             Denis promised he would get a photo of it with Concorde - congratulations!
DM17, former New World First Bus Dennis Condor in pristine condition, as usual
Ex-China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus (ML) now in the colours of Patron Travel
Former Citybus Olympian now in 'the Green bus' colours
Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo B9TL with Wrights bodywork en route to Hong Kong

The photographs below show a pre-production 1/24th scale China Motor Bus Daimler Fleetline DMS, kindly loaned to me at Showbus by George Hatt of Digbys Miniature Automobiles, in order that I may have a 'play' and take a few snaps. Digbys will be importing stock into the UK and once further details are known these will be made available.
Please note that only 398 are being produced worldwide.

Front route and destination blinds can be changed, as can the side and rear route numbers. The side windows open, the front single doors opens and both centre exit doors open. The rear upper emergency exit opens as does the engine cover.

Please note that the large photos are of a larger size than I usually use and will therefore take longer to load,
for those of us using dial-up anyway!

I am awaiting the OK to publish news of some other interesting models George had - watch this space!


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