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General News - July 2005

Citybus Refurbishment
Pictured above is Citybus Olympian No.464 having recently been refurbished. The major
changes include a new destination display from LiteVision, as well as a completely
refurbished interior in NWFB's style. Similar treatment has also been applied to Citybus Olympians Nos. 462, 463, 468, plus Dennis Dragon 855.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law

Livery modification?
It is not known whether it is for a trial, but New World First Bus have painted the rear engine cover on several buses green, as opposed to the usual white.
Pictured above is Neoplan Centroliner 6004 in 'before' and 'after' shots.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

Alton Bus Rally
Sunday 17th July 2005
Former Citybus Olympian 105
superbly turned out
Ex-China Motor Bus Metrobus
now with Noah Vale

Manchester Magic
Magic Bus 13513 is former Kowloon Motor Bus Leyland Olympian/Alexander, fleet no. 3BL123.
Sister vehicle 13506 was formerly
KMB  fleet no. 3BL124
Magic Bus 13639 is former Citybus Olympian fleet no 112.
Magic Bus Dennis Dragon/Duple Metsec 15182, an ex-Kenyan (South Africa) example.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

New Zealand
Pictured above is ex-Citybus Volvo B6LE/Plaxton Pointer, with the centre door coming from a scrapped KMB S3BL class Leyland Olympian, operating by Stagecoach City Line in Hutt Valley, North of Wellington.
Above is a Volvo B10M/Alexander PS, one of the five transferred to Wellington after Stagecoach ceased its non-franchise bus  services between Sha Tin and Central Macau Ferry at the end of March 1996.
Photographs and text courtesy and copyright of Stephen Cho

Hong Kong Bus Tour
Sunday, 10th July 2005
Leyland Olympians from the three major Hong Hong Bus operators took part in a special
bus tour last Sunday. They included New World First Bus LA1, soon to
be retired Kowloon Motor Bus AL1 and Citybus 106.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Alan Wong

Buses - July 1985
 Two items of interest to Hong Kong bus enthusiasts appeared in the July 1985 issue of Buses magazine, both of which included black and white photographs of the subject vehicles. The first is a half-page photo of KMB's Volvo Citybus, fleet no. VMD1, with Alexander 'R' type bodywork. The second article gives details of three new three-axle Leyland Olympian coaches for Citybus, for use on a service to the Shenzen Special Economic Zone in Guandong Province, China and featuring the latest style of ECW bodywork. Pictured is Citybus 102, formerly C51, which, thanks to Dave Rogers, is now in preservation in the UK. As an aside, and for anyone interested, 102's sister vehicle, Citybus 105, also owned by Dave Rogers, is scheduled to make an appearance at the Alton Running Day and Bus Rally on Sunday. Dave's website, featuring these two vehicles, can be found at www.daves-ctb-olympians.co.uk.

Awaiting Delivery
Below are a selection of photographs taken during 2001 at Alexander's Falkirk 
bus plant in Scotland and a couple taken during the delivery process. 
West Midlands Trident ALX 400 4345, with a Canadian Dart Pointer and the rear of a KMB ALX 500 Trident. 
A KMB short Trident ALX 500, 
New York open top Duple MetSec Trident,
two KMB vehicles, and a West Midlands ALX.
KMB Super Olympian ALX 500 and four
West Midlands Tridents.
Y371 JOV and two KMB Super Olympians awaiting delivery.
Y753 TOH of West Midlands and a KMB Super Olympian at a storage yard in the course of delivery to Coventry and Southampton respectively.
Photographs courtesy and copyright of MPT42

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