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59902 - AEC Regent Mk V/BACo
Kowloon Motor Bus
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Photograph courtesy and copyright of APEC
The model - this is one of three BACo bodied AEC Regent Mk Vs announced by APEC in early October 2018 and released on 10th October. Not being licensed products they carry no fleetnames or logos. 

The bus - Kowloon Motor Bus purchased it's first 30 AEC Regent Mk Vs in 1963, these being over 34ft in length - at the time the largest double-deck bus in the world! These were acquired in an attempt to deal with the ever-increasing passenger demand. Previously, the company had to rely on standard sized British buses. These buses could carry 110 passengers. They were originally fitted with sliding gates, but these were soon replaced with platform doors. KMB rebuilt the entire class during 1980-82, thus making them suitable for one man operation. The front entrance was moved forward and reduced to single width and the rear platform entrance/exit was moved to the centre, as double width doors and a centre staircase. The models represent the buses after this rebuilding exercise.

AD4816 was first registered on 12th June 1963 and was withdrawn in May 1985.

 Manufacturer of model  APEC
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  AEC Regent Mk V 2D2RA
 Prototype bodywork  British Aluminium Company (BACo)
 Prototype length  10.4 metre
 Fleet number  A28
 Registration number  AD4816
 Route number  1A
 Destination  Sau Mau Ping (Central)
 Quantity  100
 Date released - Hong Kong  10th October 2018

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