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38810 - Albion Victor VT17AL/BACo
Kowloon Motor Bus
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Photograph courtesy of Network Shuttle
The model - following the release of four versions of this new casting back in February 2016, this model, featuring a single front door, was issued in early July 2016. This model represents the vehicle in the 1970's, having lost it's rear doorway, to enable driver-only-operation, and the front gated entrance converted to folding power doors. 

The busin March 1960, Kowloon Motor Bus took delivery of an Albion Victor VT17AL demonstrator and a subsequent order for 100 further vehicles was placed. All carried British Aluminium Company bodies, produced in England and shipped to Hong Kong ckd (completely knocked down) for assembling by KMB. L43 was first registered on 30th May 1961 and was withdrawn on 13th April 1986.

 Manufacturer of model  APEC Co
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Albion Victor VT17AL
 Prototype bodywork  BACo
 Prototype length  9.1 metres
 Fleet number  L43
 Registration number  HK4544
 Route number  12
 Destination  Jordan Road Ferry
 Quantity   250
 Date released - Hong Kong  3th July 2016

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