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63362 (CM188) - Alexander Dennis 'facelift' Enviro500
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The model - this is one of two Citybus concept liveried models announced by Citybus on 9th May 2024. Both were released on 23rd May. This model carries concept livery no. 4. 

The busOn 31st May 2023, Bravo Transport Services (owners of Citybus) launched its new brand image in advance of its merger with New World First Bus. At the same time, it launched five new concept liveries, asking the public to vote for their favourite. The livery on this model was labelled livery no. 4 and at the end of the first round of voting on 20th June 203, it was announced that it had received 23.9% of the votes, resulting in it entering the final vote, eventually losing out to concept livery no. 5. All five concept liveries are shown below.
 Manufacturer of model  Model 1
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Alexander Dennis 'facelift Enviro500
 Prototype bodywork  -
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  8538
 Registration number  VN5149
 Route number  118P
 Destination  Cheung Sha Wan
 Quantity  800
 Date released - Hong Kong  23rd May 2024

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The five concept liveries
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 Bus Dream Land

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