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64304 (20108) - Alexander Dennis 'facelift' Enviro500
New World First Bus

Network Shuttle

The model details of this model were posted on this site on 10th November 2023 and it was formally announced on 14th. It is one of a pair of 11.3 metre New World First Bus ADL 'facelift' Enviro500s set for release shortly. The other features 4068 on route 26 (64305/20109). Both were released on 13th December.
The bus - New World First Bus took delivery of fifty-two 11.3 metre Enviro500s. The first batch of twelve were registered in December 2013 and January 2014 whilst the final batch of forty were 'facelift' examples and these were registered between February and July 2017. 4053 was first registered on 28th February 2017.
 Manufacturer of model  Model 1
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Alexander Dennis 'facelift'
 Prototype bodywork  - 
 Prototype length  11.3 metre
 Fleet number  4053
 Registration number  UR698
 Route number  1M
 Destination  Exhibition Centre
 Quantity  450
 Date released - Hong Kong  13th December 2023
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 Bus Dream Land

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