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Evolution of Hong Kong Buses
Hong Kong Island & Ferry
This book was published in May 2005. It is hardbound and contains over 160 pages of high quality glossy paper. Text is in both Chinese and English.

With China Motor Bus being awarded the franchise in 1933 to operate  bus services on Hong Kong Island, it is not surprising that the main part of the book covers the vehicles of this operator. It details each vehicle type, in chronological order, starting with the Tilling-Stevens single-decker of 1947 and finishing with an Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian, the last bus purchased by CMB prior to it losing it's franchise in 1998.

In between these two types, large colour photographs are in abundance, some covering two pages, representing the various vehicle types and at the same time giving an insight into Hong Kong itself at that time. (There is a stunning aerial view of Central at the beginning of the book, taken in the 1960s).

Citybus and New World First Bus are each represented by a single page, no doubt the book advertised as 'coming soon' at the back and titled 'Evolution of Hong Kong Buses - CTB, NWFB and New Generation Buses' will cover these operators.

The second part of the book covers the various ferry operators, starting with the Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Co, who commenced ferry services between Yaumati and Central in 1924 and who ceased operations in 2000. Next featured are the famous green and white ferries of the Star Ferry Company. Finally. the vessels of the relatively new operator, New World First Ferry, are detailed.

The final section of the book looks at the various ferry piers on Hong Kong island.

This is another quality publication with an excellent selection of photographs of the various bus types operating on Hong Kong Island - a must for the Hong Kong bus and ferry enthusiast.

 Title :  Evolution of Hong Kong Buses
 Hong Kong Island & Ferry
 Authors :  Peter P W Kwok, Manfield Fung & H F Chan
 Published by :  80M Bus Model Shop
 Year of publication :  2005 (May)
 ISBN :  962-868-692-5
 Size :   267mm x 190mm
 Pages :   163
 Price : Hardback  HK$ 198

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