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The Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses
KMB & Long Win Bus

The second KMB Fleet Directory from BSI Hobbies was published in December 2006. It is, like the previous books in this series, written predominantly in Chinese.

This updated edition is accurate up to August 2006, however an additional loose page provides details of the new vehicles delivered up to and including 13th November 2006. Strangely enough, whilst the book includes a section on the latest Scania K95UD, including coloured photos of the vehicle in Hong Kong, the book comes with an additional outer cover, which features this prototype (see photograph below).

The first section of the book provides details of bus routes in Hong Kong. Being A5 size (and possibly because of my age) the bus route maps give so much detail that I find I need a magnifying glass to see it!

The next section provides a chassis by chassis guide to the various classes and as with the previous edition, these are backed up with a superb selection of colour photos.

The final section provides fleet numbers, registration numbers, chassis numbers, date introduced into the fleet and, where applicable, the date of withdrawal.


A superb reference book with quality photos and excellent value for money - a shame it is written mainly in Chinese, but this is not a criticism, as it is obviously aimed for the Hong Kong bus enthusiast! 

The separate outer cover (left),
with the book (right)
 Title :  The Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses
 KMB and Long Win Bus
 Authors :  Stanley Yung
 Published by :  BSI Hobbies (Hong Kong) Co
 Year of publication :  December 2006
 ISBN :  962-8414-83-6
 Size :   A5
 Pages :   140
 Price :  HK$ 118 

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