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British-Built Buses Abroad
In the 1980s
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 Like  the railway industry in the nineteenth century, Britain was a major player in supplying the world with buses, particularly double-deckers. The principal contributors in the mid-twentieth century were AEC, Daimler and Leyland Motors. Buses were exported throughout the world as complete vehicles or as a chassis with locally assembled bodywork completing the bus.

As early as 1911, Leyland Motors sold five single-deck charabancs to Lisbon Tramways and three to Cape Town Electric Tramways. It says something for the endurance of the British-built chassis when examples of the Daimler CVG in Hong Kong and the AEC Regent III in Lisbon both managed to attain well over twenty-five years of service for their respective operators. As London Transport found itself with a surfeit of serviceable buses in the 1960s, hundreds of redundant RTs, RTLs and RTWs were snapped up by the Ceylon Transport Board. Redundant Atlanteans and Daimler Fleetlines found favour with both KMB and CMB while sixty AEC Swifts saw further service with the Public Transport Association (PTA) and the Education Department on the island of Malta.

This book features previously unpublished photographs of British buses in China, South Africa, Portugal and Hong Kong.     
 Title :  British-Built Buses Abroad in the 1980s
 Author :  Mike Rhodes
 Published by :  Amberley Publishing
 Year of publication :  2019
 ISBN :  978 1 4456 9020 9
 Size :   234mm x 165mm
 Pages :   96
 Cover :   Softback
 Availability :  Published June 2019 
 Price :   UKŁ14.99

The Introduction by the author gives a good overview of the various manufacturers and chassis types over the years. The caption beneath each image gives details of the vehicle type. Below are a few images showing the general layout of the book. Whilst a good proportion of the photographs used are those of the author, the photographs of Jeff Watson and Peter Gascoine are also used.

My opinion - a very well researched book with excellent photographs make this a must!


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