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Hong Kong Buses - Volume 2
Kowloon Motor Bus
The second book in the series, consisting of a massive 332 pages, is the ultimate point of reference for details and facts of all the buses which have formed part of the KMB fleet since 1933. It also provides details of liveries, insignia, registration numbers, fleet numbering, depots, fares, tickets and ticket collection and route development over the years.

The book shown on the left is the official Hong Kong publication and was customised to KMB's requirements, having a slightly different title and cover design.  Otherwise it is identical to the book shown on the right, which is the edition sold outside Hong Kong and titled 'Volume 2'.

***  UPDATE  - 22nd July 2008  ***
This book was originally published in 1995 and two printings sold out very rapidly. Following new expressions of interest, DTS Publishing published a reprint to eliminate as many of the annoying typographical errors which were a major criticism of the original book.

The book is A4, 336 pages with over 500 illustrations of which 113 are in colour. It is expected that it will be available mid August and will retail for 29.95, an increase on the original price reflecting the limited run and digital process, the latter being more expensive than conventional printing methods. 

Please note that this book is also available in Hong Kong from 80M Bus Model Shop, where it has been printed under agreement with DTS Publishing. 

 Title :  The Buses of Kowloon Motor Bus
 Hong Kong Buses - Volume 2
 Kowloon Motor Bus fom 1933
 Author :  Mike Davis
 Published by :  DTS Publishing
 Year of publication :  1995/reprint 2009
 ISBN :  0 9523448 3 1 (HK edition)
 0 9523448 1 5 (non HK edition)
 Size :   A4
 Pages :   332
 Price :  23.95 original
 29.95 reprint

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