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Hong Kong Buses Yearbook

Northcord Transport continue to publish excellent Yearbooks, and this years edition is no different, brimming with excellent quality photographs. As is the norm, the majority of the text is in Chinese, however there are two articles written in both English and Chinese.

Tin Yau Lee, a regular contributor to the site, has kindly given a translation for each of the features in the book, with the title shown in red with the starting page number shown in brackets.

From the Editor- Life in Two Cities (p7)
NWFB Tseung Kwan O New Routes (p8)
New routes introduced by New World First Bus in 2001
A first step of NLB buses in Urban (p12)
New Buses with Familiar Faces (p14)
The 2nd Spring for Contravision (p18)
All-over advertising buses
Multi-Media On Board (p22)
-Roadshow & M-Channel TV monitors on buses
Another Green Revolution (p24)
New environmently friendly buses, featuring KMB's green Centroliners and Tridents
New Members for Huang Gang and Discovery Bay (p39)
MAN/Caetano single deck buses
A Number of "New Buses" (p45)
Ex-CMB vehicles acquired by Citybus including 1041, 1042 and 1355
10.6m Super Olympian on Stage (p51)
KMB's ASV class (Short Super Olympians)
My Private Tour of Volvo B12 (p59)
Looking back over Citybus's five Citybus Volvo B10Ms with Jonckheere bodywork, this article looks back over their time in service
New Star of Citybus- Scania Super Low Floor Bus (p67)
Citybus's new Scania Volgren, plus the new Citybus livery
Island Circular Routes (p75)
Last Moment (p82)
KMB buses nearing the end of the life
Farewell Dominator (p88)
a last look at KMB's Dennis Dominators
Historical Mission Completed (p91)
Light Bus Now, Better than Past (p95)
Public Light Vehicles in Hong Kong
Mobile Beautiful Scenery Routes in Shanghai (p110)
the new Volvo B7R with Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation bodywork
New Era for Shanghai Public Buses (p120)
Launching of Tridents in Singapore (p128)
SBS Transit- A New Name of SBS (p136)
The launch of SBS Transit
Rebuilt of Citybus #102- Part II (p141)
Citybus Olympian 102 becomes C51 - article by Dave Rogers, owner of this impressive double deck coach, which details the change in appearance (in English)
Searching Ex-Hong Kong Buses in UK (p144)
Hong Kong Bus Spotting in England  - From LV36, which is of course in Scotland, to ex-Citybus Dennis Darts in Basingstoke and ML's in London (in English)
Coming Back from Singapore (p152)
Ex Singapore Volvo Olympians in the UK
Production of Model Buses (p154)
Table of Hong Kong Bus Routes (p158)
Buses Withdrawn in 2001 (p162)
New Registrated Buses in 2001 (p165)
Changes of Bus Routes in 2001 (p169)

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop
 Title :  Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2002 
 Author :  Danny C Y Chan
 Published by :  Northcord Transport
 Year of publication :  February 2002
 ISBN :  962-920-035-X
 Size :   267mm x 190mm
 Pages :  177
 Price :  HK$ 200

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