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Hong Kong Buses Yearbook

This book was published in January 2014 and detailed below are the articles featured.

Driving Hong Kong Forward for Eight Decades
A Milestone for Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited
New Buses for Hong Kong Red Cross
Right Capacity for Volvo B9TL/Wright for KMB
The Winner in 2013
New Cityflyers Set Up New Service Standard
A Perfect Bus Captain
A Special Appointment with Borismaster LT3
A Coverage of LT3 Visiting Hong Kong
My Special Driving Duty on LT3
The Best Time for Hong Kong Bus Advertisement
Accept or Not Accept the Route Reorganisations?
A Trial Ride on Wuzhoulong Electric Bus in Macau
KMB Celebrates its 80th Anniversary
Say "Bye Bye" to "3 plus 2" Seats on Buses
Network26 Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
A Memory of China Motor Bus in 1993.
Saving Daimler CVG6-34 "E" Class Bus AD7336
My Driving Impression on Daimler E Bus
Leyland Olympians Running on the Streets of Taiwan
KMB S3BL Olympians Returned to England
Former Hong Kong Olympians in the United Kingdom
A Farewell to Hot Dogs & Super Buses in Singapore
The Last Leyland Comes Home
DETOUR Tramways Running in Hong Kong
 Title :  Hong Kong Buses Yearbook 2014
 Author :  Danny C Y Chan
 Published by :  Northcord Transport
 Year of publication :  January 2014
 ISBN :  9789629200435
 Size :   267mm x 190mm
 Pages :  ?
 Price :  HK$ 220

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