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25704 - Daimler Fleetline/Park Royal
China Motor Bus
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The model - this model was released in Hong Kong in July 1999, and offered to EFE Subscribers in October that same year, being dispatched in early December.

The bus - the Daimler DMS was designed and developed for London Transport as the first purpose built one man operated double deck bus. After the trials in London of the Park Royal bodied XA Atlanteans and XF Fleetlines, it was the Daimler Fleetlines that were preferred. Over 2,600 of these vehicles were built, mostly with MCW bodies, but they were subject to many problems in service. The stop-start driving conditions in London made them unreliable and this, combined with driver stress, made the vehicles unpopular. Within 2 years of entering service , London Transport started to sell off these buses, and being still very new, they were in great demand. They soon began to appear all over the UK, in colourful liveries, and many went overseas. China Motor Bus were quick to take advantage of the situation and purchased a total of 207, which were painted into their blue and cream livery.

XF1 was new to London Transport in 1972 and was acquired by China Motor Bus in 1980, being withdrawn in 1990.

 Manufacturer of model  Exclusive First Editions
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Daimler Fleetline
 Prototype bodywork  Park Royal
 Prototype length  9.4 metre
 Fleet number  XF1          (Ex DMS 417)
 Registration number  CD 2093  (Ex MLK 417L)
 Route number  5M
 Destination  Kennedy Town
 Commissioned by  Hong Kong Transport Society
 Quantity (total)  6,000
    Hong Kong 
United Kingdom
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
July 1999
Dec 1999

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Photograph courtesy of Gareth Jones

Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy of Gareth Jones



Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph of sister vehicle XF90
courtesy of Dennis Law

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