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BLC295094 - Daimler Fleetline/Alexander 'LF'
China Motor Bus
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Photograph courtesy and copyright of Buses Model Co.
The model - This is one of two 'LF' models announced by Buses Model Co. on 18th January 2018 and released on 3rd February 2018, the other featuring LF13 (BLC013020).

The bus - China Motor Bus took delivery of 305 Long Fleetlines between 1975 and 1979. The first batch of 30 vehicles had MetSec bodywork, the second batch of 75 had an improved MetSec bodywork, LF106 carried a unique MetSec bodywork and the final batch (LF107-305) had Alexander bodywork.  

 Manufacturer of model  Buses Model Co.
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Daimler Fleetline
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander
 Prototype length  10.1 metre
 Fleet number  LF295
 Registration number  BX 3104
 Route number  94A
 Destination  Lei Tung Estate
 Quantity (total)  350
 Date released  3rd February 2018

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