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180127 - Dennis Condor/Duple Metsec
New World First Bus

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Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Network Shuttle
The model - one of two releases featuring New World First Bus Dennis Condor DL43 with 'Be a Voter' decals, the other (180126) is on route 110 to Shau Ki Wan.

The busDL43 was one of a batch of forty-six 12 metre Dennis Condors which entered service between July 1989 and January 1990. With the demise of MCW, who had supplied China Motor Bus with eighty-four 12 metre buses between 1981 and 1988, CMB turned to Dennis to supply this batch. They are very similar to the Kowloon Motor Bus examples. DL43 was first registered on 18th December 1989 and was retired in April 1999 after which it was shipped to the UK (see here).

 Manufacturer of model  Best Choose
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Condor
 Prototype bodywork  Duple Metsec
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  DL43
 Registration number  EJ1293
 Route number  82
 Destination  North Point
 Quantity  325
 Date released - Hong Kong  3rd September 2016

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