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DA114A - Dennis Condor/Duple Metsec
China Motor Bus
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The model - The first Dennis Condor from Collector's Model was released in January 2000 and is this 'air-con' liveried model. It features rear-view mirrors, an opening rear engine cover and 'air-con' grilles, through which can be seen the 'air-con' fans.

The bus - The Dennis Condor is unique to China Motor Bus. In fact, the Condor is a rebadged Dragon, exclusive to China Motor Bus. The DA class entered service between 1990 and 1997. It consists of 92 vehicles, with DA1-DA56 featuring small top sliding windows, similar to UK vehicles, the windows being rubber mounted. DA57-82 have no opening windows, these still being rubber mounted, whilst the final batch, DA83-DA92, have bonded glazing. DA89 entered service on 5th September 1997.

The above information is extracted from Mike Davis's excellent reference book
"Hong Kong Buses - China Motor Bus - 65 years"

 Manufacturer of model  Collector's Model
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Condor
 Prototype bodywork  Duple Metsec
 Prototype length  11 metre
 Fleet number  DA89
 Registration number  HH6355
 Route number.  690
 Destination  Tseung Kwan O
 Quantity (total)  4,000
Hong Kong
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
15th January 2000
24 March 2000

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