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CM-DGS-005 - Dennis Dragon/Duple Metsec
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The model - The fourth Siemens liveried Dragon, Siemens Industry, was originally intended to be a Collectors Model 'Members' only model, however, quantities were made available to a UK wholesaler, and the model was therefore available from some retailers. The model was not authorised by Citybus and therefore carries no Citybus fleetnames or logos.

The bus - as part of Citybus's expansion plans at the time of the commencement of Network 26, fifty Dennis Dragons with Duple Metsec bodywork were ordered. Twenty were of the 10.4 metre length whilst the remaining thirty were 12 metre (801-830). The bodies were completely knocked down (ckd) kits, which were sent to Salvador Caetano of Porto, Portugal, where they were built. They also featured the Alexander style front end, thus maintaining the standard Citybus 'front-end' look. These buses were the first to carry the now standard Citybus livery, i.e. without Network 26 branding. Delivery commenced in August 1994. Two further batches of ten vehicles were subsequently ordered, these being delivered in February 1996 and February/March 1997 respectively.

730, the last of the second batch, entered service in December 1996.

 Manufacturer of model  Collector's Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Dragon
 Prototype bodywork  Duple Metsec
 Prototype length  10.4 metre
 Fleet number  730
 Registration number  GS 2902
 Route number  6
 Destination  Central
 Quantity (total)  288
Hong Kong 
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
Sep 2001
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Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

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