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DL-CM1 - Dennis Loline III/Northern Counties
China Motor Bus
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The model - news of this model emerged at the end of March 2008 when examples were on display in several 80M Bus Model Shops. The model displayed at that time represented the Loline soon after it's arrival in Hong Kong, with the sliding door still in situ. See photograph below. 

In July 2008, Britbus confirmed that the sliding door version was not going to be modelled, instead it was replaced by the folding leaf door variation, as pictured above. The model was released in Hong Kong in late July 2008 and appeared in the UK during August.

One mistake on the model, which is duplicated on both the front and rear registration plate, is the mispelling of the word 'VEHICLE', being spelt as 'VENCLE'.

The bus - China Motor Bus ordered two Dennis Loline IIIs with Northern Counties bodywork in 1962. The first entered service in January 1963 and this was the first double-deck bus on Hong Kong Island (as it happened it remained the sole double-decker on the Island until 1977). Soon after arrival, it's sliding front door was replaced with folding doors. In 1972 it was allocated fleet number LW1. China Motor Bus cancelled it's order for the second bus owing to problems and LW1 was withdrawn in 1978.

The above information is has been extracted from the superb book 'Hong Kong Buses - China Motor Bus' by Mike Davis 

 Manufacturer of model  Britbus/AsianBus
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Loline
 Prototype bodywork  Northern Counties
 Prototype length  30 feet
 Fleet number  LW1
 Registration number  AD4527
 Route number  2
 Destination  Shaukiwan
 Quantity (total)  720
Hong Kong
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
 30th Jul 2008 
Aug 2008
This pre-production model shows the sliding door variation which was originally planned.

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