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99006 - Dennis Trident/Alexander
New World First Bus
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The model The model follows the example of the previous NWFB issues, having NWFB stamped on the baseplate. The model comes with a key, which when inserted into the underside rear of the model, opens the engine cover!

This model has become very sought after and is now very difficult to find.

The bus - To celebrate the start of the year 2000, New World First Bus applied a special livery to Alexander bodied Trident No. 1008.

 Manufacturer of model  NWFB (Drumwell)
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Trident III
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander ALX500 
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  1008
 Registration number  HV6531
 Route number  18
 Destination  Kennedy Town
 Quantity  3,888
 Date released - Hong Kong  1st January 2000

by Tim Moore

I have just received my NWFB Millennium Trident (Drumwell) and thought I would drop you a line to give my opinion on it, which is, that it is the best casting yet of any of the Hong Kong models. Features that improve it over the Corgi casting are (in no order of preference):

1. Moulded engine grilles
2. Wipers moulded on windscreen
3. Separate mirrors to fit yourself
4. An upper deck ceiling with air vents moulded in it and lower deck has light 
    fittings on ceiling
5. Side destination box actually in bus and not printed on side window
6. Proper shape emergency door control flaps and the addition of a fuel filler cap
7. Removable engine cover (supplied plastic 'key' need not be used..a small
    pointed instrument will do)
8. Glass effect rear destination number and recessed rear registration number 
9. and for a real driver like me the instrument panel is brilliant ...instruments 
    printed on dash, red farebox and separate monitors for driver and passengers 
    for fare collection via Octopus cards. The dash and staircase is correctly in 
    FirstGroup grey, not the same colour as the seats as in the Corgi versions.
!0. Improved base showing mechanical parts and exhaust pipe emerging at rear.
Sorry to rave about this, but it must be the best casting yet. Not so the livery, I have seen better, though the standard of finish is brilliant.
8th February 2000

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Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph

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The actual 1008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Hong Kong Vehicles Network Express

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