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1999GZ076-7  -  Guangzhou Bus GZK6100
 Guangzhou Yiqi Bus Co 
The model - this model is one of a series of 5 which are believed to be Code 2 models commissioned by www.carfansclub.com, details of which can be viewed at the News page for September 2006. Each is limited to just 120 models. My thanks to Vic Davey for providing information on this model.

The bus - any details would be welcome

 Manufacturer of model  Checkmate Models
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  GuangZhou Bus GZK6100
 Prototype bodywork  Guang Ke
 Prototype length  10 metre
 Fleet number  1-1-1777
 Registration number  A34492
 Route number  7
 Destination  Guang Zhou - Beijing
 Commissioned by  www.carfansclub.com
 Quantities   120
 Date released - China/Hong Kong  August 2006




Photograph of a similar vehicle operating for
Liuzhou Bus - 2nd October 2005
Courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

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