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18105 - Leyland Atlantean/Park Royal
China Motor Bus
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The model - commissioned by the Hong Kong Transport Society, this model was released in Hong Kong in August 1998. Quantities (1,400) of this model were subsequently offered as a 'Special Subscriber Christmas Offer' by EFE in October/November 1998, along with Citybus Daimler Fleetline (23504).

The bus - this model only partially represents the prototype, which is one of London Transport's XA class, new in 1965 and sold to CMB in 1973. Although the front dome is faithful to the PRV shape, the rest of the vehicle is strictly MCW. In particular, the rear elevation is too sheer and very unconvincing.  Also the indicators and sidelights are wrong. This particular model carries the original CMB livery which lasted until 1978, when the cross harbour tunnel was opened and CMB livery was changed to blue and cream to avoid confusion with KMB vehicles.

 Manufacturer of model  Exclusive First Editions
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Atlantean
 Prototype bodywork  MCW
 Prototype length  30 feet
 Fleet number  XA8
 Registration number  BD7312
 Route number  104
 Destination  West Point
 Commissioned by  Hong Kong Transport Society
 Quantity (total)  5,800
      Hong Kong 
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
Aug 1998
Nov 1998
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