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43012 - Leyland Olympian/Roe
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The model - This model, like the 'Network 26' liveried Atlantean (44603) was primarily released by Citybus into the UK market, with only 200 being issued in Hong Kong. It was issued just in time for Christmas 1999. This model, albeit with a minor variation (see photos below), appeared in an Ocean Park set, with a suitably adorned Leyland Victory, in December 2000  (see 45007a and 45007b).

The bus - To meet its expansion into China and to replace withdrawn vehicles, Citybus acquired 6 Leyland Olympians from West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (WYPTE) in 1987. These vehicles were new to WYPTE in 1983. They were originally numbered L55-L60 by Citybus, but were renumbered 12/14-18 in 1991.

In 1980 Citybus started operating a direct bus service to the newly opened Ocean Park from Central and from Admiralty MTR station.

Ocean Park is Hong Kong's major theme park, that provides endless hours of enjoyment and entertainment to both visitors and local people in Hong Kong.

The Park has a number of attractions, including an artificial reef, a shark aquarium and "wave cove", which is specially created to replicate the home environment of the sea lions, penguins and seals which live there.

There are also large amusement rides and a replica of the Chinese Middle Kingdom, where visitors can see the sights and sounds of China's 13 dynasties from the Xia dynasty of 2205 BC to the Qing dynasty of 1911 AD.

The famous Dolphin livery was first introduced shortly after that on the open top buses that were used on the service The design of the livery meant that the people riding on the back of the dolphin were painted next to the bus seats so that the real passengers head would be part of the advert design.

The advert featured on this Olympian model was the second version of the dolphin livery, featuring dark blue lower panels and a lighter blue up to the mid deck panels.

 Manufacturer of model  Corgi
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Olympian
 Prototype bodywork  Roe
 Prototype length  9.6 metre
 Fleet no.  16           (WYPTE - 5049)
 Registration no.  DN584  (WYPTE - CUB 49Y)
 Route no.  629
 Destination  Ocean Park
 Commissioned by  Citybus
 Quantity (total)  3,000
Hong Kong 
 Date released
Dec 1999
18th Dec 1999

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The only noticeable difference between the 'single' model (43012) and the one included in the Ocean Park Set (45007) is the colour of the Citybus logo above the front destination screen. That on the single model is yellow whilst the one in the Set is red.
Spotted by Jerry Koster

Photograph courtesy of Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club

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