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hkbus 2009 - Leyland Olympian/Alexander
Stagecoach - Bluebird Buses
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The model - this model was announced in a Press Release from Creative Master Northcord in August 2007 with an anticipated release date of November 2007. The official press release was issued on 29th February 2008.

The bus - delivered new to Hong Kong as Citybus 145 (ES 4877) in September 1990, this Alexander-bodied 11-metre Leyland Olympian coach was numbered 13625 by Stagecoach when she returned to the UK in 2004 to operate services for Megabus.com. 13625 was registered H511 FRP and entered service in May 2004 from Leamington depot.

During July 2005 she worked special services, including being one of the 12 Megabus ex-CTB Olympians used to ferry passengers from London to the “Making Poverty History” events in Edinburgh timed to coincide with the G8 Summit at Gleneagles and then was used for the Golflink services between Leuchars Station and St Andrews Golf Course for the (British) Open Golf Championship. Following her time away from Megabus duties 13625 returned to them at Leamington.

After moving around a bit thereafter, 13625 retired from Megabus.com service at the end of 2006 and re-entered service in early 2007 with Bluebird – repainted into Stagecoach corporate livery with Buchan link branding, fitted with a new LED destination screen and carrying former Routemaster registration WLT 439. 13625 is now one of the few to retain a toilet and luggage racks on board.

The model represents Bluebird Buses 13625 (WLT 439) in “Buchan link” route-branding colour. 13625 is one of five former Hong Kong Olympians operated on heavily used interurban services linking Peterhead and Fraserburgh with Aberdeen to provide high capacity and comfort on commuter journeys. hkbus 2009 appears with the destination set to route 268 Mintlaw – a small town in the heart of Buchan in North East Aberdeenshire, 30 miles north of Aberdeen and inland from Peterhead.

A selection of similar liveried vehicles can be found in the Xtra section of the site.

 Manufacturer of model  Creative Master Northcord Ltd.
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander 'R' Type
 Prototype length  11 metre
 Fleet number  13625 (ex-Citybus 145 )
 Registration number  WLT 439 (ex-ES4877)
 Route number  268
 Destination  Mintlaw
 Quantity (total)  1,100
Hong Kong 
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
 29th Feb 2008
Mar 2008

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Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

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