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V105A - Leyland Victory Mk 2/Alexander
China Motor Bus
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The model - The fourth release from Collector's Model, is again a China Motor Bus example, but carrying an allover advertisement for Fortune Realty Co. Limited, which is a firm of estate agents based in Ocean Centre, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

The bus - still not totally happy with its rear-engined buses, China Motor Bus took delivery of 167 front-engined Leyland Victory Mk2s between 1979 and 1982. These featured Alexander 'CB' bodywork with seating in a 3+2 layout, with the exception of the final batch of 20, which were fitted with Metsec bodies. 

 Manufacturer of model  Collector's Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Victory Mk 2
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander CB
 Prototype length  9.7 metre
 Fleet number  LV62
 Registration number  CK501
 Route number  21
 Destination  Taikooshing
 Quantity (total)  3,000
Hong Kong
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
16th Nov 1999
22nd Jan 2000

Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Photograph courtesy of Edward Hong

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