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V116C - Leyland Victory Mk 2/Alexander
New Lantao Bus
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The model -  In mid-November 1999, samples of this model were distributed to Hong Kong stockists. It carried the livery of New Lantau Bus, but did not carry a fleetname.

It has since emerged that ABC Models have secured sole rights to "produce and decorate replica models of NLB's Leyland Victory 2 buses", and therefore it was considered unlikely that this model would be released, HOWEVER, it has been released in the UK, carrying NLB emblems. Unlike previous Collector's Models, this model has no driver, no passengers, no bus stop, no limited edition certificate, and no cardboard background.

The bus - New Lantau Motor Bus Company (1973) Ltd, or NLB for short, purchased 15 Leyland Victory Mk 2s, some being acquired second-hand from Kowloon Motor Bus. The original livery is that shown above, but when the company was acquired by Kwoon Chung Motor Co Ltd in early 1992, several vehicles received a new green and white livery. LD 7 was new to the company in January 1982 and was withdrawn in 1993.

 Manufacturer of model  Collector's Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Victory Mk 2
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander CB
 Prototype length  9.7 metre
 Fleet number  LD7
 Registration number  CT5251
 Route number  4
 Destination  Tong Fuk
 Quantity (total)  Uncertificated
Hong Kong
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
28th Jan 2000

Photographs courtesy of Stu Hogben

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