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Sentosa Bus
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The model - this model was first announced on this site in October 2005, but was in fact available from retail outlets in Sentosa from July 2005. Although it appears to be a 'toy' aimed at the souvenir market, the model is in fact very well detailed, including rear-view mirrors. It carries 'Sentosa Leisure Group' lettering on the base. The model represents a MAN NL263 although the real buses used are Volvo B7Rs (the photos at the foot of this page clearly demonstrate the differences). My thanks to Leslie Chan and www.hksbp.com for the photos of the real bus. (For details of a second model representing a Volvo B7R click here)

Below is an extract of an e-mail received from Director of Retail, Sentosa Leisure Group, on 2nd November

"We are very pleased to note that our souvenir diecast model of the Sentosa Bus is being featured in your website.  For the interest of your visitors, I am pleased to provide you with more information about the bus and Sentosa.

Sentosa is an resort island in Singapore, about 10 minutes by car from the city centre.  As there are very few cars around the island, we have an internal bus system, with the orange bus being the most prominent - this transports visitors to the various parts of the island.

The diecast model of the Sentosa bus (high quality toy grade) was launched in July 2005 and sold mainly in the various shops on the island.  This bus is based on the Volvo B7R bus chassis and retails at S$ 9.90 (HKD 48.50/USD 6.20) per unit.  It is made in China.

For those who are interested in buying them, we accept mail orders.  Your visitors can contact Ms Jaslyn Neo at jaslyn_neo@sentosa.com.sg for such orders.

We are now planning our next model, which is a Light Rail Transit train model.  This LRT train will start operating between main Singapore island and Sentosa from Dec 2006.  The die cast model in 4 colours will be available for sale in Singapore in May 2006.

Best regards"

I have today received a further update from the Sentosa Leisure Group regarding this bus. This bus has just won the recent IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, based in Virginia, USA) Souvenir of The Year Award 2005 for the category of Hard Goods at Facility with Annual Attendance Over One Million Visitors. The award was presented to the Sentosa Leisure Group on 15th November 2005 at the annual IAAPA conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Members of IAAPA include most major theme park operators such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Europa Park-Germany, etc.  22nd November 2005

The bus - The box gives the following description:-

"The distinctive orange Sentosa bus meanders around the sprawling tropical island resort that is home to monitor lizards, monkeys, peacocks, cockatoos, parrots and other native fauna and flora. Singapore's premier island getaway offers a unique blend of leisure and recreational facilities including family attractions, sea sports, golf, walking/cycle trails and resort accommodation."

The official Sentosa website can be found by following the link.

My thanks to Jacky Ho for providing this information.

 Manufacturer of model  not known
 Scale  1:72
 Prototype chassis  MAN NL 263
 Prototype bodywork  Liannex-ComfortDelgro 
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  -
 Registration number  RU3722G
 Route number  -
 Destination  The Merlion
 Commissioned by  Sentosa Leisure Group
 Quantity   no certificate
 Date released - Singapore only  July 2005
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 Photographs courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho
 Photographs courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho
 The Sentosa Volvo B7R
Photographs courtesy and copyright of HKSBP.com
 A MAN NL263 for comparison purposes
Photographs courtesy and copyright of HKSBP.com

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