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DW10105 - Neoplan Centroliner N4426/3
Kowloon Motor Bus
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The model - the fifth Neoplan Centroliner from Drumwell, and the fourth KMB model, features this special green liveried KMB example. Like the real thing, the pearlescent paint changes colour in varying light conditions.

The bus - On 3rd August 2001, a special ceremony unveiled KMB's "Green Bus Today, Green World Tomorrow" campaign, at which a brand new Neoplan Centroliner appeared in a special metallic green livery. This metallic paint changes colour when when viewed in different light conditions, and can appear either green, purple or silver. The photograph below clearly shows the colour variations

The bus is fitted with the Euro III engine, making it the flagship of KMB's environmentally-friendly bus fleet. Compared with the Euro II engine, the Euro III engine reduces emissions of Nitrogen Oxides and particulates by 28% and 33% respectively.

Five Green Buses, representing the first batch of the newly purchased buses, commence service in August 2001. The new air-conditioning system and the Euro III engine have become standard specifications for all new buses. AP132 is one of the third batch, which totalled 82 vehicles, and was first registered on 21st June 2001.

 Manufacturer of model  Drumwell
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Neoplan N4426/3 Centroliner
 Prototype bodywork  -
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  AP132
 Registration number  KC3551
 Route number  104
 Destination  Pak Tin
 Commissioned by  Kowloon Motor Bus
 Quantity  2,500
 Date released - Hong Kong  20th November 2001
Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Donald MacRae
Photograph courtesy of
Kowloon Motor Bus

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