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 10311-81K - Leyland Olympian/Alexander
Kowloon Motor Bus
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Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle
The model this model is one of eleven Kowloon Motor Bus 'BL' class Olympians released on 24th November 2012. They represent a selection of types with differing front grilles.

The busfollowing the successful trial of three 10.5 metre ECW bodied two-axle Leyland Olympians in 1981 (fleet nos. BL1-3), Kowloon Motor Bus ordered a further 120 examples, but to a reduced length of 9.5 metres and with Alexander bodywork. The first twenty (fleet nos. BL4-23) were delivered in 1983 with a second batch of thirty (fleet nos. BL24-53) being delivered in 1984. A third batch of forty (fleet nos. BL54-93) arrived in February/March 1985 and a final batch of thirty (fleet nos. 94-123) arrived in August/September 1985.

 Manufacturer of model  Bus Factory
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Leyland Olympian
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander
 Prototype length  9.5 metre
 Fleet number  BL104
 Registration number  DG2596
 Route number  81K
 Destination  Sui Wo Court
 Quantity  200
 Date released  24th November 2012

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