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 B0024 - Guy Victory/BUSAF 
Kowloon Motor Bus
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com
The model - these two versions of Guy Victory G2 were released in Hong Kong on 30th November 2007.

The busUnhappy with the general performance of its new rear-engined buses, KMB purchased four experimental front-engined buses from South Africa. These buses featured a Guy Victory-J single-deck chassis, suitably modified and fitted with a Bus Bodies (SA) Ltd (BUSAF) double-deck body. Similar buses were operating in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The four buses entered service in early 1976, being allocated fleet numbers G1-G4. They operated initially on cross harbour tunnel route 112. In 1982 they were withdrawn from normal service and became part of the driver training fleet.
Their success resulted in both Dennis and Leyland producing large numbers of the Jubilant and Victory Mk2 for both KMB and CMB.
 Manufacturer of model  312 Model/P & T Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Guy Victory
 Prototype bodywork  BUSAF
 Prototype length  ? metre
 Fleet number  G2
 Registration number  DR 2006
Version A Version B
 Route number 112 40
 Destination So Uk Tsuen Wan Ferry
 Quantity  250 250
 Date released  30th November 2007

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