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000301 - Tilling-Stevens
China Motor Bus
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The model - news of this model was announced on 1st January 2000 and it was released in Hong Kong on 23rd January. The destination of 'Shaukiewan' is in fact incorrect. The official name should be Shau Kei Wan, although sometimes the syllables of the three Chinese characters are spelt as one single word 'Shaukeiwan'. However, CMB never included the 'e', and their destination blinds read either 'Shaukiwan' or 'Shau Ki Wan'. (see photograph below)

The bus - 108 Tilling-Stevens 'Express' single-deck buses were ordered by China Motor Bus, the first entering service in February 1948.

56 of these buses were of the short wheelbase design, type K5LA4, whilst the remaining 52 were of the longer wheelbase, type K5LA7. These buses had dual entrances and had separate 1st and 2nd class saloons.

A noticeable feature of this design was the engine bonnet side panels, made of aluminium, but never painted.

 Manufacturer of model  ABC Models
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Tilling-Stevens K5LA7
 Prototype bodywork  Locally built by CMB
 Prototype length  8.5m
 Fleet number  -
 Registration number  4898
 Route number  2
 Destination  Shaukiewan
 Commissioned by  -
 Quantity  4,000
 Date released - Hong Kong 23rd January 2000

Click on image for large photograph

 Photographs courtesy of Winston Lau

Photograph of an actual CMB destination blind

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