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05072 - Tilling-Stevens
China Motor Bus
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho
The model - an unexpected release in July 2006 is this China Motor Bus Tilling-Stevens from Best Choose. The model has an error in the destination. Route 6 ran between Vehicle Ferry Pier and Stanley - the actual destination shows Vehicle Ferry Pier and Shau Ki Wan, which was Route 2 ! 
Comments from Barry Bailey

I have just bought a Best Choose Tilling-Stevens CMB bus that has just been issued, model 05072. I am sure that the tooling used has been obtained from the ABC model company. There are differences, the windscreen does not open and there is no driver but the main castings are identical, except for the addition of ribs across the roof and along the side panels. These can easily be engraved in the dies and represent the aluminium beading used to cover joins in the panels. The same wooden framed passenger windows are opened on each side. The body-roof casting would appear to be from the Thornycroft model with the die altered to take the square edged radiator of the tilling rather than the rounded top of the Thornycroft.

The bus - 108 Tilling-Stevens "Express" single-deck buses were ordered by China Motor Bus, the first entering service in February 1948.

56 of these buses were of the short wheelbase design, type K5LA4, whilst the remaining 52 were of the longer wheelbase, type K5LA7. These buses had dual entrances and had separate 1st and 2nd class saloons.

A noticeable feature of this design was the engine bonnet side panels, made of aluminium, but never painted. 

 Manufacturer of model  Best Choose
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Tilling-Stevens K5LA7
 Prototype bodywork  Locally built by CMB
 Prototype length  8.5m
 Fleet number  -
 Registration number  4941
 Route number  6
 Destination  Veh F Pier - Shau Ki Wan
 Commissioned by  -
 Quantity  500
 Date released - Hong Kong 19th July 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho


Photograph courtesy and copyright of 'ms06s_char'

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