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Hongkong Tramways
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the late Vic Davey
The model - this tram carries all-over advertising for CSL, Hong Kong's first and largest mobile communications operator established in 1983. CSL is an abbreviation for Communication Services Limited and their original branding of "Create a Simple Life". It is believed that this model was only available to employees and was issued in 1987. The above photograph was kindly provided by the late Vic Davey of the West Wales Museum of Childhood, Langeler.

The photograph below is courtesy of eBay seller Doug688, who has kindly allowed me to use his photograph - the tram sold in March 2013 for 80.64.
 Manufacturer of model  WJB
 Scale  1:90
 Fleet number  -
 Destination  143
 Quantity  no certificate
 Date released  1987 (?)

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Doug688

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