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97702/KMB-M-2017034 - Volvo B9TL/Wrights Eclipse Gemini 2
Kowloon Motor Bus
The model - on 4th May 2017, Kowloon Motor Bus announced it was to launch a new livery of red and silver and models of the first three buses to carry this new livery were released on 4th August 2017.

The bus 
Kowloon Motor Bus took delivery of almost 700 such buses between March 2010 and November 2017 (correct to 12th November 2017) with AVBWU564 being the second bus in the fleet to carry the new corporate livery of red. It was first registered on 23rd June 2017.
 Manufacturer of model  80M Bus Model
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Volvo B9TL
 Prototype bodywork  Wrights Eclipse Gemini 2
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  AVBWU564
 Registration number  UW 5960
 Route number  960
 Destination  Tuen Mun
 Quantity  2,500
 Date released - Hong Kong  4th August 2017


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