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 Hong Kong Bus Operators ... Citybus
 The official launch of the 'New Generation' Enviro500s - March 2013
On 26th March 2013, Citybus officially launched their ADL 'New Generation' Enviro500s at a ceremony at the companys' Chai Wan Depot.
This was accompanied by a press release, which is included below.
 All four of the built-up examples were present with 8001 appearing on the roof.
The Citybus order is for 156 buses, 107
of which will be 12 metre and 49 will be 11.3 metre. 66 of the 12 metre examples are for Cityflyer operations.
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To achieve service excellence and enhance bus fleet’s environmental performance, Citybus today announced an early replacement on the entire Cityflyer double-deck fleet by deploying 66 new-generation Enviro500 Euro5 green buses within two years. On top of the renowned safety and environmental features equipped, the brand new Cityflyer buses combine passenger comfort and use of intelligent  technology to provide the long-haul passengers with unprecedented travelling experience during each journey. The first batch of 4 new buses will be serving the public in early April while the rest of the new buses ordered will progressively come into deployment from early 2013 till end of next year.

Stylish and classy design to meet passenger’s comfort needs

Overwhelmed by the elegant interior design concept, the new Cityflyer buses compartments are filled with sense of space and comfort. A raft of new features onboard also helps create a refreshing and flexible bus environment, including the Italian reclinable high-back seatings with genuine leather seat covers, individual reading lights equipped at each seat in the upper deck. When liaising with the manufacturer during the design process, Citybus has proactively requested a shorter staircase with additional handrails and build a larger lugguage rack in the lower saloon. The enhanced design of the super low-floor built to reach the final row of seats also contributes an increase in headroom and accessibility in the saloon. As for the exterior of the new buses, another exclusive feature is the extended electronic display on door side as well as the rear part of the bus to display not only route number, but also name of destination in one go.

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Cityflyer’s unique and exclusive intelligent technologies

Citybus is always exploring innovative possibilities for our passengers. The new-generation Cityflyer makes use of the intelligent information system to provide value-added services throughout the journey. Each bus has been equipped with 4 multi-functional LCD panels to provide route information on board, for examples (i) to display names of the next 3 bus stops and name of thePage 2 of 5 hotels nearby by tracking the real-time location of the buses, (ii) to project CCTV images of the lugguage rack area in lower deck, and (iii) to broadcast high-definition customer information programme throughout the trip. “Citybus has been striving to provide a wide range of value-added services to passengers by introducing advancements in technology. The deployment of the multi-functional LCD panels not only showcases the innovation of looping between the dynamic route list and CCTV images, but also faciliates our passangers a care-free and enjoyable journey with the useful customer information provided onboard.” said Mr. Newton Ng, Senior Operations Support Manager of Citybus. In addition, all new Cityflyers have been equipped with Webus’ Wifi network to provide free internet connectionon during the journey. ”
In connection with the intelligent information system installed onboard, Citybus has pioneered to offer the Next Bus Arrival Time Enquiry (“Next Bus”) function to the entire Cityflyer fleet which enables the airport route passengers to enjoy the convenience of the advanced technology as early as they plan a journey. With Next Bus, passengers can effortlessly obtain real-time arrival information of the buses arriving in 45 minutes at every bus stop of all Cityflyer “A” routes including A10, A11, A12, A21, A22 and A29 covering nearly 300 bus stops either by using the Citybus and New World First Bus smartphone application or having access to the dedicated website (eta.citybus.com.hk) anytime and anywhere.

Reduced bus body weight with additional environmental devices

Another outstanding features of the new-generation Cityflyer falls on the brand new design of the bus chassis and optimized frame structure which helped reduce the bus body weight by about 1 tonne. In addition to the weight reduction, the newly adopted 6-speed load-responsive automatic gearbox combined with the Euro5 engine, the most environment-friendly engine standard in Hong Kong also reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission. More environmental features in the saloon include the LED lightings and variable speed compressor of the air conditioning system also helped achieve the goal of energy saving. “Whilst ensuring operating efficiency of our fleet, Citybus has never compromised environmental performace as a long-termed commitment. To enhance service quality and environmental performance, Citybus decided to replace the entire Cityflyer double-deck fleet at the average age of 15-16 years by 66 brand new Enviro500 Euro5 double deckers, which is two years earlier than its regular fleet replacement schedule. The company will spare no effort to continue its green measures as well as the on-going fleet replacement programme to improve bus emission.” added Ms. Charlize Liu, Public Affairs Manger of Citybus. The Cityflyer service upgrade cum fleet replacement project involved an investment of HK$210 million. The first batch of 4 buses has already arrived in Hong Kong for deployment in early April while half of the newly ordered buses will be delivered by end of this year.

Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph
Above photographs courtesy and copyright of City Transporters

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