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 The arrival of the 12.8 metre Enviro500NG
Fleet nos 3ATENU1-3ATENU151 (as at 17/10/2016)
On 9th October 2013 ADL announced plans to introduce a 12.8 metre Enviro500 in Hong Kong before the summer of 2014.
The completed bus was noted on 4th April 2014 and the following photographs were taken on 24th April.

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Above photographs courtesy and copyright of CTV

The bus was unveiled to the public in a ceremony on 2nd June 2014, and the following press release was issued.
The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. has introduced a 12.8 meters bus co-developed with the bus manufacturer that is the longest in Hong Kong and the first bus of its type in Asia. The bus has passed the Transport Department’s (“TD”) Type Approval Test and can run on the streets when it is licensed. Now the bus is undergoing a route test with a view to selecting routes and entering passenger service as soon as possible.

This 12.8 meters bus has been co-developed by KMB and the bus manufacturer to provide increased capacity to meet the demands of routes with heavy passenger needs. The bus is equipped with Euro 5 engine which releases 340ps power, and gives the dimension of 2.5 meters wide and 4.4 meters height, with the body painted in classical champagne gold colour. The bus provides 4 extra seats each on upper and lower decks (upper deck has 63 seats in total and lower deck 35). Due to the more spacious compartment, the lower deck can take in 48 standees. The gross capacity of the bus is close to 150. This bus has the highest capacity among KMB’s air-conditioned double-deck buses, carrying even more passengers than models with the 3+2 seating layout.

KMB Senior Manager, Maintenance Administration Ng Kuen Yiu said, “Due to the enhanced power steering and tire systems, the power and climbing ability of 12.8 meters long bus are the same as the 12 meters long bus, turning flexibly with comparable cyclotron radius and high precision, even though the bus is slightly longer.” In other words, the 12.8 meters long bus can turn safely in Hong Kong’s narrow streets, just like 12 meters long buses.

Besides, the longer body generates a broader eye range and more comfortable feeling. In addition, the new and enhanced high back seats, advanced electronic display screen, safe and convenient straight stairs, and wide passage, all enable passengers to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

“KMB has been working closely with bus manufacturers in different parts of the world to develop more environment-friendly, safer and more comfortable buses. The engine of 12.8 meters long bus is built according to the British and Euro CO2 emission standards with appropriate tuning based on Hong Kong operating environment. Due to increased passenger capacity, the exhaust emission, fuel consumption and the amount of road space taken up per passenger are relatively lower, making the bus more environment-friendly,” said James Louey, Commercial Director of KMB.

KMB plans to arrange the 12.8 meters long bus to serve routes with the higher passenger demands, e.g. routes using interchanges and highways. The new bus is expected to reduce emission and contribute to better air pollution and better health for Hong Kong’s citizens.

KMB has placed orders for four 12.8 meters long buses (prototype) from two bus manufacturers, Alexander Dennis Limited Environ 500 Turbo and Volvo B9TL. Among them, two have already arrived in Hong Kong in April, with the other two coming soon. It is TD’s requirement that the first bus of any new model has to pass its Type Approval Test before it can be licensed to serve passengers. Now after having passed the Type Approval Test, KMB is conducting a route test with a view to selecting routes so the bus can start passenger service as soon as possible.
Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law
Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

The two Alexander Dennis buses were registered on 10th July 2014, and at the same time were allocated the classification 3ATENU.

3ATENU1 entered service on route 73X on 22nd August 2014

The first production model, 3ATENU3 was registered on 22nd October 2015
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3ATENU6 was registered on 18th November 2015 and is seen here two days later.
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Bobby Liu

3ATENU23 is the first of the new 'facelift' models, being registered on 7th January 2016. 

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3ATENU24 is seen here on 28th October 2016
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

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